Friday, December 10, 2004

High Drama - Too much

So there's all sorts of high drama going on in Tacoma right now after a preschool teacher while playing with some of the kids let the kids eat some dog food, the kibble variety. Now, I have no children, so Cindy Lou you may want to weigh in here, but I'm having a hard time figuring out what the really huge deal is. The kids were apparently playing on the floor, pretending to be puppies and the teacher put down some dog food, apparently from a display of what not to eat. School officials don't think the kids actually ate any but spit them out when they tasted the bits. Parents are up in arms wanting the school district to fire the girl (teaching assistant), wanting an apology, and apprently it has been a fairly slow news week because this has been on the news about 3 times this week. So I guess my thought is, get over it. Kids try to eat weird things and they survive. My nephew ate kibble when he was little, he survived. I think I might have tried to force my little sister to eat some along the way as well. Here's a quote from the newspaper:

"No harm was intended," Holmgren (principal) said. "[The teaching assistant] thought she was being creative. ... It just didn't turn out very well."

Dattilo (cranky mom) said she has been disappointed with the district's response. She hopes for an apology from the teaching assistant and the principal, and wants the assistant to be reassigned so that she no longer has contact with children.

"They kept saying to me that it was mistake. But to me, it was one mistake too many," Dattilo said. "You can't afford to make those types of mistakes."

All I want to say is that it was dog food! Not rat poison! Not having sex with a minor! Not drinking and driving! Get over it!


Blogger Peeved Michelle said...

Ridiculous. I tried to make the husband eat some dog biscuits but he wouldn't. They were organic and the ingredients sounded good and they smelled like cookies.

10:07 PM  

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