Wednesday, December 15, 2004

I should feel horrified

At my behavior, but I don't. :) If it were somebody doing this to me, I'd be so royally pissed off the paperwork would go to the bottom of the pile. I'm working with an employee on getting his LTD (Long Term Disability) Claim pushed through quicker than it should be. Not so much quicker than it should be, more like I'm trying to circumvent the need for some doctor information. Apparently one of his groups of doctors is notoriously difficult to get info from. The claims people want the info from them and are not processing the claim until they get it. I can respect that, they need medical documentation. But his own primary doctor has said... this is the way it is. Why do they need more? AND I just got to spend 20 min listening to the guy complaining about this very issue. I just went to my regular contact at the company and said, can you help me make this go a bit faster for him?


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