Sunday, December 12, 2004

Quiz time

When I ask why there is sugar all over the counter I don't really want to hear the story of how the sugar came to be on the counter. What I really mean is why is there still sugar all over the counter. The only correct answer here is not verbal. It includes a sponge, and I'm not talking about my new-found love for Mr Squarepants.
(I am posting here way too much. Am I quite irritable lately? Is it a full moon?)


Blogger Joanne said...

We all seem to find ourselves in irritable phases. :)

How funny is it that when I started reading the tale of sugar, for some reason I assumed it was Michelle peeved at her hubby. :) Ahh, one of the benefits of being single. When there's sugar on the counter I know why it is there. :)

8:45 AM  
Blogger Peeved Michelle said...

It's a never ending loop that you get trapped in. Once you start complaining about things and blogging about them, you write about more and more complaints until you are so irritable you are trying to invent complaints just to blog about them.

Also, I hope you quiz about sugar on the counter included a bonus question about where ants come from. (Could this be related to the ants in your bathroom, not to be confused with the ants in your pants?)

9:11 AM  

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