Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Does Not Compute

I really like to look at the referring pages to this blog (bottom of left column). It looks like some of the folks enter through the Next Blog button. I think Knicke was one of them and I am guessing that she turned right back around and got the hell out.

Here is an excerpt from one of the posts on her blog, wherein she rethinks the tone of her posts. (I won't link to it out of concern for her obviously very sensitive feelings.) I totally can't relate.
After talking about this blog with Mom and Dad and re-reading some of it, I got pretty embarrassed about how pissy most of it sounded. Not that I don't ever get pissy, but I'm not a teenager anymore, and I feel like it's no longer couth of me to share all of my angst with the whole world. 1. that's what my journal is for 2. it's not really nice or productive of me to put all of my bitchy little thoughts out there for the whole world to see. Sure, it's a little embarrassing, but mostly I'd feel bad if someone read it and felt bad.


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Oil and water.

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