Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Anyone who has read some of my past ramblings on my blog about Flexcar knows I worship at the alter of Flexcar. However, they seem to have the crappiest parking spots in the city. The one I'm picking up tonight to fetch one of my Brownies for our meeting is parked in a parking lot that has the only entrance/exit about 5 feet from a stop light. I have to make a right turn out of the parking lot to the stoplight and there are ALWAYS cars stopped at that light. AND to come back, because it is a delayed stoplight, I have to drive past the parking lot, turn around in another parking lot and come back down to it. There is one in the hospital above me, so not easy to get in and out of that parking lot to go where I need to go. One, behind my house, I have to back up (IN A PARKING LOT) about 20 feet because it is a oneway parking lot but there is no exit at the end of the row, this is the only way to get out of it. I know that parking in Seattle is expensive and shit, but damn, better spots would be nice.


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