Thursday, January 20, 2005

I can have both?

Last night, the husband and I caught the last half of Wife Swap. The wealthier family was composed of an older, dual-income couple with one teenage daughter. On staff they had a housekeeper and a household manager. The coupon-clipping, stay-at-home mother of four who was swapped into this house fired both of them and tried to teach the family that they needed to spend more time together, about the importance of family togetherness and how a family of three does not need to spend $1000 per week on groceries and eating out.

What I took away from this program was that I could have BOTH a housekeeper AND a house manager. I can't help the way I feel. I want to pay people to do things for me. I made some silly statement a couple weeks ago about how I was going to fire the housekeeper to save money and that the husband and I were going to clean the house ourselves on the weekends. What a crock! I just knocked her back from every week to every other week and that is saving us $50 per month.

Anyway, my new dream is to have a household manager, but I want one who went through this certificate program.

Certified Professional Household Management
Our 8-week program offers the building blocks of a successful career in Household Management. Students learn the essentials, from the proper techniques for the care of a home of wealth to managing and relating to other staff. In between you’ll learn about the lifestyles of the wealthy, understanding the needs of a family, how to relate to an employer, time management, fine dining service and etiquette, planning elegant and/or extravagant events of entertaining, and much more. Whether you are beginning a new career path or aspiring to move from housekeeping to a position with more responsibility, you will find the tools you need for success in this program.

Certified Administrative Household Manager/Personal Assistant
Our next level of training is often taken immediately following the 8-week course by students who wish to gain the knowledge necessary to move into a more administrative position. This 3-week program demonstrates purchasing for the wealthy, advanced safety and security issues (such as identity theft and high-tech home security), managing household staff, maintaining files and paperwork, creating and maintaining household inventories, managing multiple homes, and much more. Two years’ previous household management experience or the successful completion of our 8-week program is required for enrollment into this program.

Disclaimer: I do not consider myself to be wealthy. I can only dream that one day I will be so rich that the full impact of my shallowness and materialism can be felt by all. Don't worry, I'll give to charities.


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