Friday, January 07, 2005


I'm well aware fucktards that it takes 20 minutes to cook a grilled southwest chicken sandwich. I know this because when I called at noon to place my order that's what I was told. I also know that when I showed up at 12:20 I should've gotten a sandwich. To keep reminding me as I stood and waited did not really please me. Because I PRE-ORDERED! I was especially not pleased to finally get my sandwich at 12:40. But thank you manager for apologizing about the mix up and not realizing I had placed a phone order which somehow did not get put in to the kitchen so you didn't realize I was pissed because I had already waited my 20 minutes. I do understand mistakes get made and really I'm not murderously pissed. Just mildly peeved.


Blogger Michael said...

Damn, you totally should have gotten something free for that!

2:47 PM  

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