Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Sexist Pigs

My family and I just moved into a new house, and one of the reasons for doing so was to get a big backyard for the kids and the dog to play around in. Big backyards cost a lot to landscape I have found out, and big nice swingsets that my great-great grandchildren will be able to play on because the last forever, cost even more. So recently I applied for a home equity loan. I originated the loan process. My phone number is listed by my name as the contact person for any questions regarding the loan. It is under MY name with my husband as a co-applicant. So I get this call at work yesterday and some lady asks for my husband. So I transfer her to him. He calls me five minutes later and says, "They are coming over to the house on Saturday to do a walkthrough."
"Her name is Jane Doe."
"And who is she?"
"From our loan company."

So the sexist bastards call MY number, ask for MY husband. Hello? I am smart enough to apply for and qualify for their best loan, but I can't schedule an appointment for them to come over and appraise my house? Because I put my husband down as a joint loan applicant means that he automatically makes all the financial decisions in the family? I think not. Fuckers.


Blogger Peeved Michelle said...

I am just amazed that some woman called you at your work number and asked for your husband and you didn't even ask her who she was! Do you get his calls a lot since you guys work at the same company? I would have said, "This is his WIFE. Can I help you?"

9:51 AM  

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