Thursday, January 06, 2005

Yay! I Win

You took off the link to my area on our website and stuck it way at the bottom. Didn't bother to run this by me or even let me know. I found out matter of fact. I then bitched to you, boss, about how little my area is regarded by the company (let's face it, when I started everyone dumped things on me saying how happy they were they didn't have to do them anymore--makes one feel like jumping for joy to come in to work every day. Jump, I do. Pardon me while I wipe the sarcasm dripping off me.).

And another thing. That report I did per your request on our competitors that went absolutely nowhere. Well? What's up with that. Thanks for wasting about 3 weeks of my time (well, 3 weeks in between reading articles on the Philadelphia Eagles online). Note this is different than my weekly report that (except for you, Michelle) goes nowhere except into the Deleted file. Yes, anger does increase ball size. Boss, to give you credit, you realized I was right.

So, official stats just in--80% dropoff in traffic due to the change. And now the link goes back up where it was.
Me: 1
Those who dare to disregard me: 0


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