Friday, February 04, 2005

And the winners are…

First, I really do want to thank everyone who auditioned. Reading all of the entries and the resulting comments has taken up the better part of my work week and for that, I can’t thank you enough.

It’s always surprising to me how well I can relate to people I have never met. Of the contestants, Matthew is the only one I actually know. We went to college together and were roommates for about a year after I graduated. He’s in, but don’t think I was playing favorites or anything. If his peeves hadn’t been up to my standards, he would have been out. For God’s sake, I kicked my own husband off the blog. (I should mention that my husband is now back in the blog due to the unforeseen consequences of my actions.) Anyway, congratulations, Matty.

I encountered Kate the Peon’s blog through a frenzied bout of Next Blogging one night. We have been commenting on each other’s blogs for some months. She thinks I am sometimes mean. I think she is sometimes a baby. I was pleasantly surprised to find, in this competition, that she had me pegged so well. Though she did not attempt all the answers to the scavenger hunt, she at least snarked her way through it, and I can respect that. Through the strategic use of unconventional entries, Kate the Peon has wormed her way onto the roster of the peeves blog. Congratulations.

[Let me interrupt here for a moment to say that after Round 2, I was pretty sure I knew who the winners were going to be. Matthew and Kate the Peon were very strong from the start and were likely going to make it, though there was still a chance they could fuck it up for themselves. The remaining three contestants were competing for the third spot, which is why I decided to go ahead with the scavenger hunt. I am glad I did. The person who was favored for the third spot going into it is not the person who ended up getting it.]

All three of the remaining contestants started out as random commenters on this blog. Jen##### and HG are new commenters to the peeves blog and I am glad to have them both reading and commenting. HG totally nailed the tone and content of this blog with her entries. Jen#####, while peeving about popular themes, went a little too far into Nastyland, but she totally nailed the scavenger hunt and was even the first one to turn it in. HG did not attempt to answer all the questions and said that there were only so many hoops through which she was willing to jump.

Jujubee was the first of the remaining three to find her way to this blog. I don’t recall how she found it a few months ago, but I do remember being quite confused when I saw her first comment. It wasn’t due to the nature of the comment; it was due to her screen name. “Jujubee” is one of the nicknames I have for Joanne and it totally confused me. I was really rooting for Jujubee, but at first I though she just might be too nice for this place and I didn’t think she was going to make it, but she plugged away until the end and I feel that I must reward her perseverance with a win. Jujubee, you’re in! However, you have to step it up just a teensy bit. Continued exposure to this venomous crowd will turn you bitter and acidic, which can only be for the good.

Jen#####, you really tried hard and in all seriousness, I feel badly for not letting you in, but please, please, please keep reading and commenting. I am pretty sure I will be giving it away for free again sometime soon. HG, same goes for you.

Again, thanks for humoring me. I had so much fun with this. Welcome to the new members!