Friday, February 18, 2005

Not Only... I have a boss who doesn't read her emails before replying, but I have Stupid Rude Girl who doesn't realize that others can read their emails. So she makes you stop what you're doing to explain that she sent an email and describe what that email is about. And when you say, "Yeah, I saw the email," she says no, I'll send another one. And when she keeps describing what that new email will say, and you say AGAIN yes, that's what your email from last night says, she'll act all huffy.


Blogger Mishka said...

I completely understand your frustration. I worked for this woman indirectly and she would walk right by the fax machine on her way to my office to ask me to fax something...this is the fax machine that I had programmed just for her so she could fax at the touch of a button. Apparently that was too much to ask...

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