Saturday, March 05, 2005

Fat Americans

The husband and I are finally logging all of the receipts from 2004 for tax purposes. We have had them sorted for weeks but have been procrastinating about the hard part. Now that our tax appointment is two business days away, we are out of time. We have spent literally the entire day at it. He is reading off the date, place and amount. I am entering them into Quicken, which we just got a couple weeks ago. Next year should be much easier since I can download the transactions from the bank and credit card web sites directly into Quicken. I will only have to enter the cash receipts by hand.

The biggest lesson I have learned today is not that we shouldn't put things off to the last minute, but that we are disgusting, gluttonous, consumeristic pigs. We are fat Americans literally, figuratively, and in every rotten sense of the word. I absolutely cannot the believe the piles of money we have dumped into the lifestyle maintenance abyss. I make myself sick.

Update: I can't believe how many receipts have just a diet soda and some magazines on them.


Blogger Dutched Pinay on Expatriation said...

hey michelle,

yes thats correct, never put things off on the last minute. i too have learned that so we always look into what we spend every week, and we do the calculations every month.

and when i am doing groceries, i now pay attention to what i put into the shopping cart. more vegies, more health food blahdiblah and less meat and less junk (hear chips!). we dont drink much soda here though which is a euro thing.

i gotta do my tax too!

9:15 AM  

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