Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Quacks and Charlatans

I had an appointment with my dentist this morning before work to get my next set of Invisalign braces. As I approached the door, I could see through the little window that it was dark in there.

I can't fucking believe they would book an 8:30 AM appointment and then not even show up on time.

I peered into the window. The office was empty. I mean empty. Completely devoid of furniture, desks, wall hangings. Everything gone. No note on the door. Nothing.

Excellent. I better not be out my fucking $5000.

I realized that Invisalign has everything there, so if need be, I could probably go to another dentist. I was thinking, well, this is LA, I am sure I can find somebody to help me out of this situation.

They better have just fucking moved their offices and forgot to call me.

I got back to my office and called the dentist's office number. It still worked so that was a good sign. I hung up without leaving a message because I was still seething and would likely be incoherent. I called back a couple minutes later and left them a message letting them know that someone had better call me back ASAP.

I was planning to give them until the end of the day before I contacted Invisalign and every Board of Whatever that is listed on his business card, but I couldn't wait that long. I called back an hour later and the part-time dental assistant answered. She said she got the message and she isn't even sure what was going on with the move and that she would have Ruth, the office manager, call me. I told her that I absolutely could not believe that no one had called me and I extracted the address from her before hanging up.

The office manager finally called me and apologized and the reason she gave for why she hadn't called me was so fucking ridiculous that now I am pissed off all over again.


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