Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Stockpiled peeves...

I've stockpiled a few this morning and I'll write the ones I can remember, although now that I'm ALMOST 31, the short term memory is starting to fade.

1 - You filled out the form. You put it in the prepaid self addressed stamped envelope and then you walked it over to me to mail? You're kidding me right?

2 - Big giant trucks or SUVs shouldn't park on the corners. It makes me have to walk part way out into the intersection to see if a car is coming or if I can cross the street safely. Which now means I'm halfway into an intersection with a car bearing down on me.

3 - Drivers, don't wave me across the road when I'm in the crosswalk with the little walking man sign flashing. I have the right of way. I'm taking it. You aren't magnanimously giving it to me.

4 - Also. Stop signs are there for a reason. Use them. Please.

5 - And who really needs to speed up to race down 3 blocks then to stop at stop light. The speed limit is like 25 on these neighborhood roads. There's really no point and instead of making you look all cool and shit, you look like an ass.

6 - People in Minivans who have the stereo blaring so loudly I can hear it on the street with the heavy bass going, that I can feel in my bones... who do they think they're kidding? They're driving mom-mobiles. No amount of Nelly blaring out of the Ford Aerostar's stock speakers makes it any less a Ford Aerostar. My parents drove one of those, for the record. With 3 kids.

7 - And finally... on the rare occasions I do drive, why in the hell do they (they being whomever decides these things) allow cars to be parked on both sides of some of these narrow ass residential roads. If, because of parking, a 2 way road now is a 1 way road... that's too many cars parked outside. Make them use their own driveways or get rid of one of their 6 cars parked out front!


Blogger Ian said...

Deep breath.... and relax...!

12:31 PM  
Blogger Putnawa said...

And never move to Boston.

11:50 PM  

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