Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Where's Pam Anderson When You Need Her?

I hate KFC. This has nothing to do with PETA, chicken farms, or the state of Kentucky. There is a KFC at the end of my street that, in the two plus years I have lived there, I have never set foot inside. Until last night. And it wasn't even for me, but to pick up food from my friend. Uh, do they pay people based on how long it takes to put together an order? Is it necessary to go in the back for one item, come back to place it in a bag, then go to the back for the next item? I could cook this meal in the time it took to wait through each customer and finally get my order. And that was after trying to wade through the buckets on the floor to catch all the leaks in the roof from the rain--this place was just remodeled! I hate KFC.


Anonymous Brandon said...

I'm with you there Michael. If I didn't love their Twister Wrap thingy so much there isn't a chance in hell I would ever step foot in that place. Half of their meals come with potato wedges. If it is lunch time, wouldn't you expect them to be making them non-stop? But no, I have to wait five minutes while they cook up a new batch. What a bunch of retards.

1:11 PM  

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