Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Dearest Husband,

When I wake during a work week at 5:00 am, I ever so quietly move through our bedroom so as not to wake you. I carefully shut the bathroom door so the bright lights do not disturb you. It's what I do for love.

Well, this is my school vacation week honey and I've really earned this well deserved respite. That said, since you have found it necessary to turn on every light, talk to the dog, blow dry your hair with the bathroom door open and lights glaring and toss the clothes you want to wear right on the bed, Monday morning is going to be a field day for me.

I will really need to watch the news at a reasonable volume for my hearing, I get dressed faster with some tunes blasting and I think my allergies and loud sneezing might be an issue after a week's rest.

You wanna play cowboy...saddle up.

With Love,



Anonymous notaclue said...

You know he won't have any clue! Mine thinks nothing of that type of behavior because I 'don't have to work'. I am completely disabled (but functional) and have to get up in two hours to begin my day getting the kids ready for school and then all the ad nauseum crap that passes for my day since back surgery caused my to be in pain every fucking minute of every fucking day! Now, since I can no longer work due to constant pain (and chronic suicidal depression) he's decided that I am a "housewife" and I am just not living up to what he thinks a housewife should do. I am soooooo fucking sick of it. He's spent the bulk of our married life (which he wanted I totally did not) trying to change me. WHY?? If he loved me enough to want to get married doesn't that mean he loved me the way I was? I want my life back.

Sorry, I think I was getting close to mental meltdown there.

10:48 AM  
Blogger Chatty said...

Holy guess my post hit too close to home!

2:35 PM  
Blogger mini driver wannabe said...

My hubby is often noisy in the morning, and he likes to "read himself to sleep" meaning that I have to go to sleep with the light on every night---and wake up every morning with the light still on" But I still live him.

3:42 PM  
Anonymous weeble said...

Wow..last week my hubby had to get up earlier than me for the first time in 5 years of marriage. He was pretty quiet moving around AFTER he hit his snooze for an hour. Didn't hear him in the shower but for some reason he thought that opening the bathroom door (which incidently is right in front of my face) and leaving the light on, while he got dressed, wouldn't bother me. Not only that but he proceeded to the kitchen (bathroom light still on) and drank all the coffee I had set up for myself (he doesn't even like coffee).

You go to town next week in the name of all wives with clueless husbands!!!!

4:32 PM  
Blogger Mishka said...

I guess I am pretty lucky, mine is quiet and closes the doors against light pretty well. Usually by the time he is out of the shower, I am up too but the thing he does the is the loud radio with snooze at least twice....grr.

I tell him that it doesn't need to be that loud because it would wake me up if it was a whisper so I won't let him sleep through it, but he keeps it loud anyhow since he feels that his waking up is his reponsibility.

7:33 PM  
Anonymous Red said...

My wife cannot seem to fall asleep without the TV on. So every night I have to watch Law & god-damned Order or Wife Swap or some such show while she's going to sleep.

Then she gets up at 5am to start cleaning so that its done before she goes to work. That's fine, but there ought to be some sort of sanity ordinance requiring vacuum cleaners to run only during hours where most TV programming is NOT infomercials.

I am not aware that my desires for quiet and dark in order to sleep are burdensome. I have offered to do all sorts of housework DURING DAYTIME HOURS. I have done laundry, cleaned the entire house top to bottom, and made dinner only to have her bitch that I didn't do it right so it will take her 19,376 years to undo the horrendous damage I have wrought by mixing a blue sock with the *good* jeans.

Of course she's 8.9 months pregnant, so I think that I'll keep my mouth shut so as to preserve any chance I have of living to see my next birthday, :)

8:48 AM  

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