Thursday, March 02, 2006

I really hate you!

Dear Fruit Loop,

1. We do cover 100% of tuition for 6 credits per quarter. Just because the IRS mandates we tax you on that is not our issue.
2. We do cover 100% of your medical/dental & vision. You don't pay for this coverage. You having a co-pay and a deductible does not change that. There is no company anywhere that I can think of that does not have you at least pay co-pays and deductibles. Get over it.
3. I don't care if her spouse does work here, your dentist is an idiot. It is bad business practices for the insurance to reject claims over and over just so they can 'hold onto their money.' She's clearly doing something wrong. (Especially if EVERY insurance company she has does this to her.)
4. You are not being deceived! Get a grip!

Thank you,
Your loving benefits office.


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