Wednesday, January 26, 2005

On the Chopping Block

I know I said it was a Final Notice, but I feel kind of bad (yes, I have feelings) booting people off the blog. The following people have yet to renew their memberships with the Internationl League of Peevishness & Botheration. All they have to do is post to the blog by midnight on January 31st.
  • Bubba (That's ok. This blog is no place for my husband anyway.)
  • New Jan Brady (Does she have Posting Anxiety? Post Fright? She has never posted once!)
  • Nikki (She was once a steady source of peevishness but we haven't seen much of her since last Fall. I think she broke up with me and I just haven't caught on yet.)
  • Adam (He is one of the most cantankerous people I have ever met so I know it isn't because he doesn't have anything to post about.)

Please note that I will be holding auditions to fill any vacancies. Details to come in February.


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