Monday, May 26, 2003

Grrr... being told at 9:10 this morning that one of us could've stayed home today... and in fact one of us can go home.
Not being able to afford to take the pay cut of almost 100.00 if I did go home today...
Being cold.
Not having any clean clothes which is requiring me to wear clothes I don't like.
Did I mention being cold? :)

Thursday, May 15, 2003

Ok... so I understand, appreciate and even accept that I work for a Native American casino and as such Native American's receive certain priveliges and perks... but you know when a person has all these strikes against them and because they are tribe members they still get chances... that is annoying!

Monday, May 12, 2003

Peeves today -
Not having health insurance... medical crap is EXPENSIVE!
My job
The fact that there are no new jobs in the city...
Being POOR!

Thursday, May 08, 2003

Peeves Today:
1- My Job
2- Looking for a new job
3- My resume
4- Thinking of ways to update my resume
5- That after surviving seven layoffs over the last two and a half years, there is not another one in sight for my company. When I finally want to jump on the layoff bandwagon, it is nowhere to be found.
6- Still being fat
7- Exercise
8- Eating right

Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Grrr... just got another one... the "poor person's hospital" that just sent me a bill for 300.00! I can't pay that! Just called and now am on a payment plan... why is this the hospital everyone says to go to if you have no money if you are going to charge people that much??!! grr....
OMG!! Biggest peeve ever!!
Being the single person in the drive through at McDonalds and having the family van full of people ahead of you who apparently have food issues and order just bags full of food AND THEN pay with an ATM card (that should just be outlawed) AND THEN at the 2nd window (where they're only supposed to be receiving their food) having an issue and having to pay more money which required them to apparently scrounge around in the car because it took forever AND THEN MY fries were cold and stupid McDonalds forgot my barbecue sauce and that bothered me too... :)
Phew.. had to get that off my chest!
That's a whole lotta drama for one Tuesday evening...

Friday, May 02, 2003

1 - People who use the seat protectors in the bathroom then don't make sure it gets flushed away so it just sits there... Gross!
2 - Big trucks on the freeway
a - Big trucks on the freeway in the left lane
b - Big trucks on the freeway that move into the left lane not to pass but for some indeterminable reason which requires me to pass them on the right or slow down.
3 - As much as I love Seattle, the fact that if I want any chain stores I have to field trip to the burbs (ie Northgate for Target, Renton for Petco, etc...)
4 - As much as I love Seattle, there's no Baja, Sharkeys, etc at all... :) (although there IS blue water tacos and Tacos del mar whom I'm learning to love just as much as Baja and Sharkeys)
5 - The fact that it is 70 degrees outside and sunny but I still have to wear sweaters and jackets because the office is freezing! :)
6 - That I am now like the LOA queen and all these LOAs are a pain in the butt (ok this is a funciton of my job and this is the type of job I'm in so I just have to get over it I know... :))