Saturday, February 28, 2004

1. Hangovers. Really, the 3 bottles of water I drank last night after drinking did NOTHING for me today? (Or worse they took the edge off??)
2. Women who uptalk. Today's Training? We will discuss? and on and on and on for three hours.
3. The fact that despite my paperwork saying our final payment for the encampment (of which I am the director luckymewhatwasIthinking?) is due in like late April, apparently it isn't. It is due March 15th. Do I have even the remotest amount of time to get the funds together from the different troops? AND after the deposit debacle, do I trust our SU treasurer to actually get it to them? (For those unaware of the deposit debacle, I get an email in late Jan asking how come we didn't turn in our deposit and do we not want the site for the weekend we have? I reply that I asked the treasurer to drop off the funds by Jan 15th which was the deadline and I have no idea what they're talking about. The treasurer responds that she doesn't know what I'm talking about and what deposit. Grrr... So then I look foolish like I have no clue, which sidebar, I have no clue since they have given me NO guidance on how to do this. I was all pissy, but vindicated like a week later when an email came from our treasurer stating that she found the email where I asked for the deposit to be done by Jan 15th but she failed to do it.)
4. Hell on earth... sitting in a training hung over with the sun glaring in your face.
Ok so this is minor and dumb, but I hate that I have checked the little box marked 'remember me' on the login page like a bazillion times and it never remembers me when I come to the site and I always have to relog in.

Oh and damn Joan of Arcadia for making me cry.

Friday, February 27, 2004

I'm back. Sorry for the absence but ever since the wicked witch of westlake was sent back to her hole I kind of lost the need to blog. Ok, who am I kidding. I was lazy and forgot my password. I have lots of shiite to blog about...

I decided to squat in someone else's office. Yes, I figure that in a month or so I'll be a Director, maybe even a VP of my domain. I can just see it now, written in pretty black dry erase marker on the outside of my office... Adam, Senior Director of Value-Added, Synergistic Excrement (or some other cliche title) and member of the blue shirt club (just need to get me a collection of "corporate blue" oxford dress shirts).

Thursday, February 26, 2004

...but I think the second time I took it, I got the real me...

You're Pakistan!

You used to ask people what they thought about things, but quite
recently you've decided to just do stuff without asking nicely.  You really want to go
to the mountains, but for some reason, people won't let you, mostly because they won't let
acquire any nice sweaters.  In the meantime, you're avoiding alcohol and pork and trying
to balance eating right with not falling behind in your competition with your next-door

the Country Quiz at the href="">Blue Pyramid

I took the country quiz...

You're Australia!

You're easy-going, relaxed, and yet somewhat tough and hardy all at the
same time.  You can appreciate culture, scuba diving, and even safaris.  This
makes you pretty interesting and intriguing to others, though also really unpredictable and
even wild.  Your knowledge of nature is unthinkable to most of those around you, even
though your respect for it is sometimes less than perfect.  People really like your

the Country Quiz at the href="">Blue Pyramid

I took the book quiz...

You're Dune!

by Frank Herbert

You have control over a great wealth of resources, but no one wants to
let you have them. You've decided to try to defend yourself, but it may take eons before
you really get back what you feel you deserve. Meanwhile you have a cult-like following
of minions waiting for your life to progress. This would all be even more exciting if you
could just get the sand out of your eyes.

Take the Book Quiz
at the Blue Pyramid.

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Let me tell you something, if I want to come to work, but not actually do anything constructive while I am here, I will do so! There is no one who can stop me! Not my new boss, not my old boss, not my boss's boss's boss (who I suspect would rather be out flying his plane anyway) and not even his boss (who may actually be Jack Skellington from a Nightmare Before Christmas.)

The only way I can be stopped is by firing (puh-leeze) or RIF. I would take a RIF as a gift from God right about now. For Lent, I will give up not sodas (Diet Coke, I love you!), but working. I give up working for Lent! I know you are supposed to give up something you love because it is all about self-denial at this most holy of times. I love money. What is the source of the money? Work. Go to the source, I always say.

Tuesday, February 24, 2004


I don't think that people should bring things into the bathroom that they put their mouths on, like their water bottles. There are tables outside of the bathroom. Leave your water bottles there, you nasty bitches.

Monday, February 23, 2004

1 - Read the damn instructions! I hate having to chase people down because they did something incorrectly
If you are out of the office, mark it on your fucking calendar. I hate scheduling a meeting with several participants and then having to immediately reschedule it because I get an automated out of office message. I include this by way of explanation in the meeting update: Lee's calendar showed he was available, but his OOTO message disagreed. Rescheduled.
Re: Taco Seasoning
I saw a bunch of recipes on Food Network for taco meat. There was a good, simple one on the show called How to Boil Water.

Re: Food
I get to eat it now. Yay! I have never tasted a ranch dressing so good as the one I had on my first salad on Saturday.

Re: Work
Still shitty.

Re: Catholicism
I am a very bad Catholic. I acknowledge this yet do not live in fear for my mortal soul. Does Ash Wednesday mark the beginning of Lent? I will be giving up sodas for Lent. I realize that I don't currently drink sodas anyway, but I have really been looking forward to starting it up again.

Sunday, February 22, 2004

UGH! I bought the low sodium taco seasoning package especially because I think regular taco seasoning is too salty. This is just as bad if not worse!! It is like I'm putting my tongue out and just pouring the salt directly from the shaker! YUCK!!

Friday, February 20, 2004

This is a peeve of my own making. If I wasn't so used to my existing lifestyle (and if I didn't want to go to a totally expensive grad school next year) I could totally quit working. Please note that this peeve will be seen much more frequently when the weather is nice enough so that I could actually float around the pool all day if I didn't have to come to work.
So, if I finished all my work for the day, how come I can't go home? Well, I guess I can in about half an hour, especially since I came in at 8 today.
Ok so if you're this big around o and are a boy and have GINORMOUS feet, don't wear bright red patent leather tennis shoes that totally advertise that you are this o big around and have ginormous feet. It makes you look weird.

Thursday, February 19, 2004

Dammit! I keep biting the inside of my cheek in the same damn place!
I hate programs that require you to change your password after x amount of days. It takes me FOREVER to remember what I've changed the new password to.

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

I have a lot of work to do and it isn't doing itself.
I watched 50 First Dates this weekend and mostly it just made me want to live in Hawaii. However, according to HotJobs, jobs are not so plentiful in Hawaii. I wonder if I could make a decent living as a beach bum in Mexico. I am not so sure the husband would approve of either of these scenarios. He did apply for a job once where he had to select from a list of places where he would most like to go to work. One of the places was Hawaii. I wonder what happened to that job?

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Not so fond of random people talking to me in the grocery store. Case in point... yesterday this woman starts yammering at me about how she hopes she is doing the right thing and how can one tell if she is... I try to ignore her but it just wasn't happening so I actually engage in a convo... seems she buys her husband x amount of cigarettes for the month but he used them all up now what to do...

Friday, February 13, 2004

I intensely dislike websites that open a new window every time you click on one of their links.

For some reason, whenever I type search terms in the address bar, it goes to this site 'my search'... I don't want to use 'my search'... I have tried to change it, but it doesn't seem to work. :(
That much peeing is mostly in beginning because you were probably retaining water. Once you get used to consuming the required amount of water, that should happen as much.
Honestly... 5 times in 5 hours?! That is ridiculous... If all this water I'm consuming to make up for the soda I'm NOT consuming is going to make me have to pee this much I will not survive one of the phases of my personal improvement plan.
Peeves of the moment:
1- Giant sales meetings in the stairwell when they don't come upstairs and close the doors. I hate those loud motherfuckers.
2- Ack! The not eating is really a trial. Why? Just because I would like to eat something. I really like eating. I realize that this is what makes me fat, but even so. Once I get back on food, I going to have to seriously kick up the exercise.
3- Working. This I hate.
4- That all Valentine's Day deliveries are not made before lunch time. Where are my freaking flowers?!
5- This fasting thing has also taken a toll on my social life since my social life prior to this was comprised solely of going out to lunch and going out to dinner.

Thursday, February 12, 2004

Launch is broken again. :( no music...

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

I think that "reply to all" may be the single worst invention ever. Learn how to use it properly people. Come on! Some the worst offenders are in higher positions and make more than I do. I know that it is naive to expect them to be smarter than me because of this, but seriously, learn when it is appropriate to apply to only one person.

Also, some people I just hate.

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

I am so jealous that you have a real doctor. Oh my god, it makes my recent appt sound like I was in war torn Zimbabwe or something...
Crappity crap. I forgot to go the post office while I was out at the doctor's office, so now I have to go tomorrow at lunch.

On a more positive note, I like my new gyno. I chose him because he was in the same office as my PCP. He seems a little intense, but that might just be because of his popeye. I liked that he told me exactly what he was going to do before he did it and while he was doing it, he told me why. A few things of interest: (1) He was less open (an knowledgable about) Natural Family Planning than my PCP is; (2) I had to wait less than five minutes in the waiting room and I may have been his only patient at the time; (3) He talked to me about abuse and depression; (4) He told me I need to lose weight and I was like, "Hey, I am going as fast as I can here;" (5) He didn't like that it had been two years since I last had blood work, so ordered a blood test; (6) He provided the best intructions I have ever had about performing a breast self-exam, and I have had a lot of instructions about that, particularly in college when I had to have the R.A. sex ed training every semester.
Ok these are overly picky and sentimental (at least one is) but here goes...

1 - (this one is not overly picky and sentimental) I'm doing this search for coloring pages about Egypt. Google keeps bringing me back tons of links to pages... that are apparently link pages within websites that all link back to one of 3 sites, that I have already pulled all the picures I like from.
2 - Sites that are too busy. I just subjected my eyes to this mess of a site that was black with brightly colored confetti against the background with colored links and the words with yet another color. It was painful.
3 - My boss's husband just came in with flowers. :( It was too cute. (So that would be bitter jealous hag of me...)
4 - My boss's husband asked me about the tattoo I'm getting for my 30th birthday. That weirded me out a bit. I'm sure she talks about me at home, just like I talk about her but it was weird...
With each passing day my job actually gets worse. Even though I have the grad school plan, I think I may start looking for a new job in a couple months. I first want to see how the annual review goes this time around. Unpleasant outcome of review = finding new job.
I have a crick in my neck! :(

Monday, February 09, 2004

Broken Links!! :( :( :( I have found this great and awesome page full of links for Thinking Day (Brownie event blah blah blah our country is Egypt) about Egypt and at least half the ones I've tried so far are broken. DAMMIT check your pages once in a while.
I hate it when people create text documents in Excel. Just learn how to use a table in Word or, better yet, learn how to use the Tab stop. Makes for much better copying and pasting.
If my job was any more boring, it would nearly be the same as being comatose. Except that actually it would be worse. At least you don't know when you are comatose.

Sunday, February 08, 2004

I did that! And it folded together like a taco around my thumbs... Maybe what I need to do is use my fingers and hold the whole thing down... or just give up on eating Tuna. :)
You have to push down on both sides of the lid with equal pressure.

Saturday, February 07, 2004


Originally I only had 1 peeve then while making lunch, I acquired a 2nd.

1. (which actually serves as a warning to Michelle for her visit) I only have 1 outlet in my bathroom. It is in the light above the sink, but faces down. Gravity (and probably not tight holes) requires that the damn plug fall out of the outlet about ever 4 minutes if that long. I finally had to just hold it in the socket so I could finish my hair drying. Because it is in the light, it also only works when the light is on. :( I think I've mentioned this before, but I hate my bathroom.

2. I decided I was going to eat tuna and crackers for lunch today. It has been a while since I've eaten tuna (like since I lived in Alaska I think). So I remember growing up, we used the metal top of the tuna can to squeeze out all the tuna water... apparently the lids are no longer as strong as they once were since as I di that, the lid folded in half like a taco and splurted tuna all over me. :( I had to change shirts and I lost like 1/2 my tuna.

Friday, February 06, 2004

If I made an appointment with you and I come in and say to the nearest person, "I have an appointment with so-and-so," don't just say, "That's me," and stare at me like you have no idea what I am there for. I made a fucking appointment. You should be expecting me and you should know what the fuck I am there for.
I should be within my power to control time. I would like to be able to either fast forward or rewind at will.

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

I still think legitimately you can send out an email requesting that no one eats anything that smells yummy. :)

My lightbulb in my living room burned out and all I could find around the house (since I didn't want to have to leave and go get one) was one that is like 1/3 the wattage. It is all dim and romantical in my living room right now.
I really do wish that I could ask everyone in my part of the building to please refrain from heating up delicious smelling lunches or bringing in delicious smelling lunches. It is torture! Someone has something that smells like fajitas or pepper steak right now and even though I rarely eat either of those things, it smells so good! One more month and I can eat again. Yay! Cheese!
First let me say, that I really do like my co-worker, but her consipiracy theories of how everyone (bosses) hate her and are going to fire her are really getting on my nerves. She is now going so fire as to compile a file on the way they treat her.

She always says how they talk to me, but they never include her. Sorry, but it always seems like they are talking to both of us. Maybe it's because she is older she has some sort of complex. I dunno, but it's annoying.

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

There's this one stoplight on my way to brownies (only TO brownie meetings) that I always hit red. No matter what happens, I am stuck sitting at that light. I hate that light!
Ok, I realize that I shouldn't be spending so much time on the Food Network web site. I know it is unhealthy and the sign of a mental imbalance.

My peeve is this: I hate it when I see a recipe that just by the name makes my mouth water, then when I click on the link, I get an "Expired Recipe" message. Take it out of the freaking database then.

Monday, February 02, 2004

You know I've never really thought about it, but that's probably it.

Honestly I have two things going for me at my job...
1 - I am BORED... When I think back to all the classes I really flaked off in, they were the ones I was bored in and the ones that were too easy. Having the same problem here. There is no challenge here. No excitement. A trained chimp could probably do this job. (ok there is still things I need to know that a trained chimp wouldn't know but you know what I mean)
2 - The other part is that frankly there is not enough work for me to do. I have pointed this out to my boss and apparently we are at a slow time right now. It is hard for me to get excited about doing work when there isn't any for me to do... AND perversely, even when I have work to do I procrastinate the hell out of it because I know it isn't like there's a huge amount coming up or anything. IF I finish what I'm working on... where does that leave me? Same place as before... no work.
3 - (yeah I know i originally said only 2) Michelle's totally right on the motivation thing. I avoid conflict enough not to get into trouble, but at the same time, I'll get a 2% raise whether or not I do an awesome job or only a halfassed one... PLUS somehow the person who had this job before me allegedly filled her day... I have yet to figure out how.
I have a theory about the lack of work ethic I, and others I know, have.

Most of the people I know who suffer from this lack of work ethic are smart people. Like myself, they didn't need to try very hard in high school or college to get good grades. That sort of thing just came easily and seemed automatic.

Now, it is like we are in school again. The reward is pay instead of good grades and it seems like we should get paid for whatever amount of effort we put in. As a theory, I think this is a pretty good one. In school why would I put in 100% of my effort if putting in 80% was going to yield the same A? Likewise, at work, why would I put in 100% of my effort when significantly less still yields the same paycheck?

The more I think about it, the more I think this is a plausible theory. For instance, in classes where 80% of the effort was getting close to not yielding an A, I would step up the effort. However, at work, with the absence of negative feedback like that, there is no real incentive to increase my effort. It isn't like I am going to get a bigger raise (or any raise at all) with additional effort. I am not in the MBO bonus program, so I don't have money tied to my performance.

Interesting. I may need to spend most of my working hours today thinking about this.
My cuticle cream crystallized! :(

Sunday, February 01, 2004

Argh! It is bad enough that I waited too late today to do laundry... BUT when there is someone who is commandeering the ONLY 2 good dryers... that sucks! PLUS I was sitting down there patiently for the last 4 min of her drying in the ONLY 2 good dryers when she comes in and checks both dryers and apparently decides the clothes aren't dry enough and puts them in for another hour. YUCK! Dammit... those are the GOOD dryers. She should be done now! :( It will take at least 2 hrs now to dry my own damn clothes. :( :(