Friday, January 30, 2004

OK so when I have paid my actual $$ to become a 'member' of a site I should not have to sit through fucking popunders every page view! For example, i am a 'gold member' (whatever) of classmates. I was just running through the member list and each time I changed pages, another ad! I HATE THEM!

Thursday, January 29, 2004

I HATE HATE HATE utensils that are 'handed'... ie the ladle I just used has a pour spout... for right handed only of course.
1 - The way the media joins together people's names in a relationship... ie... Bennifer and I just heard Dashton... YUCK
2 - Bennifer and Dashton in general I am sick of both pairings.

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

So many idiots!

1- I hate when people give me change on top of the dollar bill. Half the time the change slides off.
2- I hate even more when someone gives me change on top of the dollar bill and then puts the receipt on top of that. How am I supposed to get that shit into my wallet? Seriously, how?
3- I am sitting in my 2 pm meeting and it is about 2:05. A team mate walks by and says, "Are we meeting?" I say no, since she isn't part of this project. She says that the consultant on our other project moved our meeting from tomorrow to today at 2 pm. Hello? Did he not see that I had a meeting at that time. Since, this other project is my top priority, I have to cancel the meeting that I am already in. I go with the team mate to this other meeting. Turns out that the Finance person who is integral to the meeting also had a schedule conflict so there is no fucking meeting. How fucking hard is it to use Outlook properly? So then he is trying to reschedule for later today and he only look at the Finance person's calendar, so I had to tell him twice that I have another meeting from 3:30-4:30, so no, I can't make it at 4 pm. We are probably paying this moron $100 per hour.
Things I hate today:

1 - WIND!! Give me ANY other weather type... snow... sleet... hail... but NO wind!
2 - I was sleeping... deeply sleeping and at 2:30 in the morning I am rudely awoken by some idiot outside screaming his fool head off. I couldn't get back to sleep for over an hour. :(
3 - This fruit I bought from the student center was not good. NOT GOOD! :(

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Ok now slightly worried about boss. Boss is 5 months pregnant. Boss is having pains. Hope beyond hope that there is nothing wrong with boss or baby. (For both altruistic reasons c'mon that would be the worst thing ever... she and her hubby know it is a boy and have been planning forever and that kind of thing is terrible etc... and for selfish reasons... when she has this baby she goes to 1/2 time... maybe more money for me!)
Ok so weird phone call this morning...

Caller: Hi this is Becky
Me: Good morning how can I help you?
C: Well, I just received the email you know about the brown bag lunches.
M: yes?
C: They are about health related topics
M: Yup
C: well you are serving cookies and pop
M: And?
C: And well, these are about health topics
M: Yes
C: Well this is really nit picky but shouldn't you serve something healthier than cookies and pop.
M: Well, I'll take that under advisement and pass along your comments to my boss.

Seriously WTF? Give me a fricken break.
Cube life sucks so much. I should not have to put on my headphones to drown out noise. I really shouldn't. Really. Maybe I will book myself a conference room.

My main job function is to write long, boring documents and unfortunately, I need to concentrate on what I am doing in order to do it. There is so much freaking talk about politics and the weight loss challenge and home buying (personal, not work-realted) and on and on and on. I hate it here so much.
Eyebrow is weirdly twitching AGAIN! but on a good note, my boss won't be in until 10:30! :D

Monday, January 26, 2004

How can and have hotel rates for September if most of the hotels don't go out past April on their sites? Makes me wonder about the accuracy of the rates.
I did that recently... although it was only by a couple of hours but I had left a quart (maybe?) of milk sitting on the floor. I picked it up and refrigerated it. It didn't taste bad, but like milk always does with me, it went bad anyway since I NEVER drink it.

I HATE VALENTINE'S DAY! I will be SOOOO glad when it is over... how many more days?
I made my most favorite tea this morning to drink on the way to work. It was tangerine-orange zinger. I am at work now and my tea is still sitting on the dining room table.

I discovered this morning that I never put away the fresh Naked juices that I bought on Sunday. They have to be refrigerated, so I had to throw them away. What a waste. I must have been distracted by something while I was putting the groceries away.

Friday, January 23, 2004

Alas and alak, joanne was downstairs printing pages... hundreds upon hundreds of pages (for probably no reason whatsoever)
Joanne has been gone from IM all day, yet I sent her like 20 IMs. Some nice reading material in case she ever returns to her desk.
IM convo:
me: hey
(two hours later)
her:hey there
her: how are ya?
me: did you get my email yesterday?
her: hold on a sec... on the phone

Why the fuck did you IM me then?
I think this is a repeat of a previous post, but I really REALLY fuckin hate it when I go to a website and some pop under changes my home page! It happened this morning at work. I can't even remember what I had been looking at yesterday but today when I logged in my computer is advertising for some "Is your computer secure" bullshit software to download. I HATE THAT!!! >:(

Thursday, January 22, 2004

Super long message on IVR for A&R at CSUN. Two minutes of recording before I even hear a selection remotely related to what I need. By the time this is done, it will be 5 pm and they will be closed. This is a horrible, horrible user experience.
2 peeves right at this moment:
1 - Michelle is in training and therefore unavailable to entertain me! ;)
2 - People who leave messages like "I would like someone to call me back today, so I can get this taken care of immediately." For some reason that emphasis on today just bugged me.

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

OK I know this is a peeve and botheration from before but... I HATE it when I can't read the street signs (or they are absent alltogether) and I am trying to get somewhere. I also hate it when business fronts do not number their site so you have no idea where you are.

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Hmmm... virginic is probably NOT a word... ;) Fucking headache yet again.
Now that I am no longer dating a virginic child, I can say whatever the fuck I please. :) AND ... since I'm all broken hearted I should be able to do whatever I want right now. Men. Are. Scum. Convent here I come! :) Oh damn... I probably can't swear in the convent can I?
What the fuck are you talking about, Heather? Seriously, I have not been cursing when speaking, but gave up trying to curb it when writing.
I concure Joanne, I hate that too. But then I also need headphones for when I do transcriptions, and I tend to use those when I play games.

And as I re-read over everything I missed, did you guys just decide to fuck it and ditch the no swearing? :)
I don't like computer games online that don't let you turn the sound effects off. Since I listen to the radio at work all day, those noises come through and obviously advertise that i'm not necessarily working. :)
Ugh... jacket is all smokey so clothes stink of smoke this morning!

Monday, January 19, 2004

MLK Day.... I don't get it off of work. I kept forgetting it was a holiday, so I tried to go to the bank after work and then when I was home I went to check the mail, too. Ugh.

Sunday, January 18, 2004

not so fond of men right now. hate crying. hate feeling sad. hate most things... will get over it.
cranky husband

Friday, January 16, 2004

One more thing I'm peeved about today (besides being crabby and peeved about EVERYTHING)... I don't like MSN's new look. I hate that giant square ad 'right there'...
So I noticed recently that I haven't gotten a magazine in a while. I went online to check my account status thinking that maybe without paying attention they expired. All my accounts are "undeliverable". What the hell does that mean? So I emailed the customer care people. I am slightly annoyed I think. Plus I have a headache.
Friday morning peeves:
1- I will totally admit that I am addicted to reading The Diary of V on the Redbook web site. I realize it is trash and barely worth the time, but it does take up 10 minutes of work time once a week. So, even though I am home today and not at work, I started reading it this morning. Only page one was new. The page two and three links took me to last week's entry. Motherfuckers.
2- No hot water at my house. WTF?!
3- Whiney dog.
4- I second Joanne's peeve about Friends last night. Plus, you can totally tell that Courtney Cox is pregnant. That last part isn't a peeve, I just thought I'd throw it in there.
Goddammit! 4 times this morning while getting my back pack ready for work I thought... ok put a regular bra in the backpack for after the workout at the gym... Did I remember??!! NNOOOO!! So now I'm wearing a sweaty gross sports bra all day! :(

Thursday, January 15, 2004

An open letter to NBC:
Dear NBC execs:
A clip show is NOT a new episode. It should NOT count in the limited amount of 'new' episodes you are providing to us, your loyal television viewers. Now I understand why you didn't advertise tonight's episode more you cheating scoundrals.
(Ok perhaps I take my TV viewing a wee bit too seriously)
I'm peeved at myself because I am apparently either retarded or 5 years old. I can't eat without dropping food on myself and quite possibly have ruined one of my brand new shirts... :'(
1- I was out yesterday because I had to sit with my aunt at the hospital since no one else could be there. That part is not the peeve. The peeve is nurses who don't tell you what they are doing. I didn't care to know myself, but if I was my Aunt Peggy with a respirator sticking out of my trachea so that I couldn't talk, I would want those bitches to be telling me what the hell they were doing.
2- People who come to meetings and think that because they have the title of Director that they can just ask stupid shit and push their own agenda.
3- Related to #2, people who says things just to make themselves look smart. The plus side of this peeve is that they usually just end up looking like giant asspoles.

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

I fall for it every time. I send an email to myself at Yahoo. I forget. I check my Yahoo mail and get excited when I see something new. Sigh.
So we have six doors at work. Three in the back. Three in the front. The main door to the lobby is in the front in the middle. You can go in and out of that door. The other two doors in the front are exit only and are on the sides. My cube is near one of the back side doors. This door is also convenient to the largest concentration of parking spots. This door has also been broken for going on two months now. At one point it was completely disabled. Now it is an exit only door.

This forces me to either park in the front, which is technically visitor parking, or park where I normally park and walk past my usual entrance to enter through the center back door where all the smokers are. This is obviously the least desirable option, so I have been parking in the front.

We got a nastygram from the HR VP today telling us that we will receive "disciplinary action" if we disobey the parking rules.


Monday, January 12, 2004

So apparently some site I went to yesterday (not porn just so you know Michelle...) put some kind of adserver ware on my computer which in turn changed my home page to that ad page which caused a minimum of 5 popunders as I loaded the up the internet today. The worst one?? One that took up the entire screen and that I was unable to get rid of. I FUCKING hate it when sites randomly change my home page. So I change my homepage back to which is what it should be and close the browsers. Apparently that wasn't good enough. When I opened up IE it did it again. I had to do the right click properties thing on IE to change it there. Fuckers.
Words. Should. Not. Be. On. Asses!!!

Oh and amen to that whole testing limits... why work if I don't have to... Sometimes I feel like Bubble from AbFab...
Edina - "What is it exactly that you do?"
Bubble - "Well, I don't know, get paid?"
hee hee hee...
All this crunchy fruit is hurting my gums around my front, upper teeth.

Friday, January 09, 2004

Seriously... must our bathroom always stink??!!
Ok I admit I have huge texture issues, but the napkins we have here at the U, if I try to use them to dry my wet hands (as opposed to my a little bit crumby hands) the texture makes me cringe and gives me goose bumps!
Ok, this is a dumb peeve and I totally admit that, but there is this banner ad on Yahoo that says "Davey 11 months" and has a cute picture of a baby then says "Davey 332 months" and has this picture of this older guy. Doing the math, 332 months is only 27 years old. There's NO WAY that the guy in the picture is 27 years old. They should've used a younger guy or an older amount of months to match up... phew.

Thursday, January 08, 2004

I hate incompetence in store clerks! Target has now failed Heather too. Michelle, it is only a matter of time before Target fails you.....

I have one of those giantass painful zits coming in on my nose! :(

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

So I know I haven't written in a while, but I'm really peeved...oh and bothered.

At Target on Sunday, I went to buy diapers. Which I had coupons for. So I hand the cashier the coupons first thing. I stick my credit card in the credit card reader, while holding Spencer and we get all the way to the part where I have to sign my name and hit okay, and she says, "Oh no, I forgot your coupons."

I murmer, quite magnanimously, "That's okay, I haven't hit okay."

"But I can't cancel it. I'm sorry."

I'm pissed. Stupid, incompetent...but at least she said she was sorry, although it was in a not very sorry tone. So I say, "That's silly that you aren't able to cancel it," meaning, maybe you should offer a suggestion to your manager so that this doesn't happen again.

Then she says, "I said I was sorry. You can go over to customer service and they can help you."

I know you guys are trying to be good with cursing, and so am I but this deserves a "FOR FUCK'S SAKE you stupid ho-bag!" First don't you give me attitude when you are the one that screwed it up! At least call over a damn manager and get her to void the transaction and then re-ring it. In case you hadn't noticed, it's right after Christmas and so customer service has a half an hour wait. I was so pissed, I didn't think about getting a manager over to void it until I'd gotten in my car. It was kind of like thinking of a good comeback, two hours later.

I'm sure you are probably thinking, now Heather, it was only two coupons. But diapers are freaking expensive especially at the rate my two go through them. I would have saved two bucks! Okay, I think I am done for now.
So it has just dawned on me that Ray does too curse. Where did Asshat come from... hmmm... We were talking about cursing on Sunday and he says he almost never does. hmmm...
Goddang soda! I hate it when the bottle 'explodes' when you are opening it. I now have coke (ok Pepsi) all over the left sleeve of my sweater, the left leg of my pants etc... etc... etc...
Slush! >:O

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Just for the record... I don't curse nearly as much except when I was with you and then when I'm with Volodiya. On my own, I don't think I curse much at all. I noticed Ray doesn't curse at all (what is he a boy scout??).
Darn it. I forgot about the no cursing.
40 minutes later he finally calls with a totally lame lie. Asswipe.
I shouldn't have to call someone to make sure that he (or she, no gender bias on this one) is in his office for a meeting. In addition, when I get down to his office and see him come out of a conference room, he then should not immediately go into someone else's office, thus becoming unavailable. Then he should not stay in that other person's office for ten minutes, making me trek back up to my own desk and leave a semi-nasty voicemail message.
I am so cold! (Note: On first writing, I wanted to insert the F word in there, since one week with Joanne was all it took to get my cursing back up to college levels. I am now working on bringing it back down to pre-holiday levels.) I need to work from home just so that I can control the temperature.

Monday, January 05, 2004

I hate websites that require you to register to see part of their content. Just let me see the damn weather report! I want to know where the snow is allegedly going to fall... Although I am hoping beyond hope it falls enough for them to cancel school at the U, I am so figuring that it won't and they won't cancel. :(
I hate the 1 - 2 days a quarter that the financial aid office has a huge influx of students receiving financial aid refund checks. There is always this hugeass queue (I use queue instead of line because like Disneyland, there is all this rope creating a long twisty line) and that's not so much the problem as the NOISE is! I had to shut my office door, which I almost never do.

No hair dying will happen. I don't really believe in that... not for any good reason actually... just not something I'm all hot to do... altho if my friend Todd who is going through beauty school wants to do it for me (you know for little to no $$) I won't turn him down. :)
So many peeves!
1- Store clerk who was blocking the only path from where I was standing to where I wanted to go who gave me a dirty look and brushed past me when I said "excuse me" and tried to get around her.
2- Lady who was wearing so much perfume that her heinous scent lingered long after she had gone.
3- I dropped off the wrong sandwich to my husband at lunch so I had to eat his not so yummy one and he got to eat my delectable sandwich.
4- Why did I think I would be able to ease back into the awfulness of work? It already sucks.
I started a new blog: Juice Fast Drama. Link on the right.
Many people our age dye their hair for just that reason. You were recently complaining that your hair is darker now, so maybe highlights is the way to go.
Ugh... new gray slacks have NO pockets! :(

Sunday, January 04, 2004

EEEEKKK!! While showering today, I was wringing out my hair and some hair came out like it always does... and one of them was LONG AND GRAY!!! I can handle the short ones in the front that I pull out, but this one was LONG! I can't cope with this gray hair thing...

Saturday, January 03, 2004

Happy New Year!

Thursday, January 01, 2004

A couple more Michelle reminded me of just before I leave...

1 - Strollers... people who push strollers... they are big and bulky and apparently parents have no idea that they are in the way.
2 - Large groups of women (or men) with strollers who walk abreast. So if there are 5 of you with your kids in strollers and you are walking around say Disneyland walk in a single file line otherwise you are blocking the ENTIRE walkway for others.
3 - Meanderers - Dammit pick up the pace a little bit... I don't want to wait while it takes you 20 minutes to walk 5 feet.