Tuesday, August 26, 2003

IVRs that don't let you skip ahead to the menu choice you want (why did I have to wait to hear the entire list of choices??)
IVR's in general.
Bad hold music.

Monday, August 25, 2003

People who call all pissy when we spoke last week and they were fine then but suddenly everything is drama.
Not being able to get a dr appt until September when I'm in pain NOW...
pretty much anything health related. :)

On a happy note - only 9 more days!

Friday, August 22, 2003

Slow talkers... I just want to say "Speed it up!"
The fact that our interoffice mail is not working correctly so I have been getting bitched at for not having something that came from the tribal administration office.
People who call with issues and don't leave a message.
The phone guy returning my call and leaving me a message on VM when I can't get VM.
A peeve and not a peeve:
I hate having to hear that stupid beeatch argue with her delinquent teenage daughter on the phone. However, I love it when the teenage daughter hangs up on her and the beeatch stops talking in the middle of her sentence and hangs up the phone. Ha ha.
Apparently, eating an apple is too dangerous for me. That is the only thing I did this afternoon and now I have a fat lip. How does that happen?
1 - Forwarded messages from bboss.
2 - Stupid People
3 - beeatch boss
4 - People who bring their kids in to the hr office while they do hiring stuff (filling out aps etc) and don't watch them
5 - People who are famous for no reason of their own (Paris Hilton, those american idols (ok technically it is their own but still...), the kids of famous people)
Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore: Two bad tastes that taste worse together.

Thursday, August 21, 2003

So now that I have written The Cube Dweller's Manifesto (publisher pending), I really would like to see the plan in action. A few of the things in each of the three phases obviously came from my own experience, but I just don't think I have it in me to try a full-scale attack. God, I hate that beeatch.

Ok what's the point of having a HRIS (employee data tracking system) if you are not going to bother keeping it accurate. I was just in the HRIS Manager's office pointing out an error and she was like "this is why I always say check the file because the system isn't accurate"... isn't that what the system is for... to prevent me from having to go to the file room for the file to begin with!!!
The HRIS mgr is on one of those protein diets (which she must talk about all the time) and eats pistachio nuts so her computer area is covered with pistachio skins and shells... so gross!! (she is also referred to by me as overly sharing girl since I know WAY too much about her personal stuff like her IUD insertion and why her tubal ligation failed...)
That is the funniest story ever! OMG! I just want to cry that's so funny...

All my peeves are minor compared to that drama unfolding on the freeway! :)

BUT... I think I just hate people. I am so sick of them right now... :)
Peeve Relief:
Always wanting to make my own drive as easy as possible in the morning, I avoid merging at all costs. When I am transitioning from the 14S to the 5S, I always stay in the lane that doesn't need to merge. If I choose the other faster lane, then I am forced to merge in order to avoid getting trapped on the 210E because the 14 disappears.

So this morning, I was cruising along in my non-merging lane at morning highway speeds (30 mph) and I noticed a black Mercedes to my left with its turn signal on, indicating that it wanted to merge from the 5S to the 210E. I decided to widen the space in front of me a little to let it over. To my right, a silver Dodge sped up to try to steal the spot so that he would be able to get in front of maybe four cars by staying in the faster lane instead of choosing the non-merging lane, as I had.

The Mercedes won the showdown and I sped up to close the space between us. The Dodge was coming over to cut me off anyway! Of course traffic was slowing down because this was happening in other places ahead of us, as well. Traffic came to a complete stop, but I noticed that it was in our lane only. Then I noticed that there were no cars in front of the Mercedes. It was the Mercedes that had brought traffic to a halt. I thought that maybe the Dodge had bumped the Mercedes.

Then the Mercedes guy - about fifty maybe, looked a little like the CEO of my company, but a bit stockier - got out of his car on the freeway and walked back to the Dodge guy. I quickly realized that the Dodge did not bump the Mercedes. The Mercedes guy was just pissed. By now, I was looking in my side mirror for space so that I could get out of this lane before one of them shot the other one. No one was letting me over. The Mercedes guy was talking to the Dodge guy. The Dodge guy looked like he was about to have an aneurism - he was about the same age as the Mercedes guy but looked like a school principal. The Mercedes guy looked like he was lecturing a wayward child about traffic safety rules.

I was finally able to merge into the next lane and continue the remaining 45 minutes of my hour-long commute. I looked in my rearview mirror in time to see the Mercedes guy returning to his car. Thanks for getting my back, Mercedes guy.

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

OOOhhh... I just remembered it...

I hate it when bboss and new admin say "Presents" when giving me more crap to do. Probably more annoying than when I worked at the library and the librarian used to give me "little gems" to research...
People w/o vm who complain when you don't call them back.
People who call 14 times looking for something despite my instruction that "I will call you when it is in"
12 more days...
I had another one but I forgot it which peeves me too! :)

Monday, August 18, 2003

OK a couple more...

Public bathrooms that stink of urine (boy urine at the bar I was in last night and there is a difference in smell! :( )...

This shirt has a spot on it and I keep forgetting until I get to work... :(

Food at a restaurant coming with gravy all over it when the menu does not mention gravy at all so I didn't think to say "no gravy" and had to send it back instead and I was STARVING... (and I'm sure it got spit in... :) )

boys boys and boys you can't figure out... :|

Arrgghh... it is Monday morning!! (isn't that enough of a peeve?)

The stupid landlord at my apartment who set up an appointment for me to sign a new lease and he hadn't written it when I showed up so I had to wait 20 min while he did... AND he didn't even know all the details of my present lease...

Bboss spent 15 min in my office this morning just chatting... (get out!!)

I couldn't find shoes I liked on Sat... :(

Being all paranoid about speeding now that I have my 1st speeding ticket. (Which I am contesting and now I have to either go to the hearing or send them something in writing)...

My muscles are sore from working out today... (But I did get to quit the gym yesterday since my new job has a gym!! :) )

Thursday, August 14, 2003

Waiting, waiting, waiting to hear back about whether or not Bryan got the job he interviewed for yesteryday. That one change could help in so many ways. Argh!
People who slow down on this hill that I have to go down every day... c'mon people it isn't like you've never driven this hill before! (kinda like the grade in Camarillo actually)
Having to change my password and constantly forgetting I changed it...
When my braid gets weirdly loose at the bottom part and I have to rebraid the whole thing.
How difficult it is some days just to get the basic info I need to do my job...
pretty much everything today I think! :)

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Peeves, peeves, peeves. Some days they are too numerous and varied to even begin thinking about listing all of them.
ok... people who flash their headlights at me because I am going slow in the fast lane when the reason I'm going slow is the hugeass line of cars ahead of me... what does he want me to do?? Ram the minivan in front of me... same person who flashed their headlights for me to move over when there is a car in the next lane right next to me... where to go?? grrr...

Having to wait 18 working days until I start my new job!!

my bboss...

Those stupidass computer reminders requiring me to change my password... I am not mentally ready to think up a new one yet.

Fruitflies threatening to carry me off out of my kitchen. (Ok this one is 100% entirely not my fault.. ;) If my visiting sister hadn't purchased fruit for her child to eat instead of the usual crap I have, it wouldn't have gone bad and encouraged fruitflies...) :) :) (ok maybe it is somewhat my fault... but still!)

That stupid parts of my job were supposed to go away but still haven't...

The fink who ratted me out to big bosses actually asked me today how the interview went and if I had heard anything. I of course lied... :)

I think that blogger should have emoticons. :)

Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Only 2 today and they are related...
1 - people who don't have voicemail or answering machines...
2 - those same people who get pissy when you don't call them back but you tried and they don't have answering machines or voicemail...

Tuesday, August 05, 2003

The unending tedium and perversity that is my day at work.
1 - Those giantass rolls of toilet paper that don't have the little serrations so you have to tear it against the little jagged teeth that don't always work...
2 - Leaning against the sink and getting water on my sweater...
a - Wearing a sweater when it is 90 outside but freezing in the office...
3 - Waiting... Waiting... Waiting... (along with this one OCD Voicemail checking)
4 - Somebody ratting me out to big bosses about the fact that I want OUT... (shouldn't they look at why that is instead of assuming it is all me??)
5 - Having to have this discussion with my boss....
a - Having my boss in the course of this discussion claim that she has stacks and stacks of resumes for people, some of whom are even more qualified than I am who want the job... as if... when I left on vacation, we had gotten like 5 if that... did some freak resume flurry happen during the week I was out?? Whatever...

Friday, August 01, 2003

I hate stupid IE using Windows XP which is making it nearly impossible to clear my cache, so that I never see new posts on here. And I am wondering if that is the issue with TWoP. Switched to Netscape to check it out.