Sunday, November 30, 2003

The Princess Bride

Saturday, November 29, 2003

I hate it when the guide browser on my tv remote thing is incorrect. I know it isn't a big deal and it is kind of petty for me to be annoyed, but I like it when the guide is correct.
Good has triumphed over evil (or stupid). I just had a very stupid conversation (which can be read on my 30 angst blog) with my landlord and since I do have a lease, my rent is not increasing! :)

In other news - Fred Meyer failed me today when it didn't have everything I wanted. I am going to have to field trip to an arts and crap store for embroidery floss. Maybe tomorrow. I find it ridiculous that I just paid 3.59 EACH for 3 boxes of crackers that only have 18 crackers in them. They're good though, so... whatever... it isn't like I buy them ALL the time. That's 6 breakfasts at work (cheese and crackers) which has to make better fiscal sense than the 2.59 I spend each morning on beef jerky. (It is hard to eat breakfast sometimes when you can't just pop a poptart.) That's about all for now folks. As vlad would say 'Have fun storming the castle' (courtesy of that Bride movie... I can't think of its name right now).

Friday, November 28, 2003

OH so many since I have too much time on my hands right now -
1 - I hate that I"m BORED.
2 - I hate that my pharmacy only gives me exactly enough pills, I just dropped one and had to crawl around on the floor because the damn little thing rolled around and I couldn't find it.
3 - On the subject of pills, I hate that I have to take any and they probably aren't doing their job anyway.
4 - I hate that the yeti (better than 'the boy' right michelle?) hasn't even tried to kiss me yet. Dammit I'm not making EVERY move.
5 - I'm probably going to get some kind of poisoning from picking up the pill off the floor and taking it.
6 - I hate that my pop-up stopper software sometimes randomly shuts down the browser window for no reason that I can comprehend.
7 - I'm rather bothered that my rent is going up but my landlord is more useless than ever before.
8 - I think my wrist hurts.

Wednesday, November 26, 2003

I fought with this printer to correctly print out legal sized things for 20 min now. damn thing...
I hate when people use a "/" instead of "or" or "and, such as "scope/definition" when they really mean "scope or definition".
Bryan just told me last night that we have his work Christmas party to go to on 12/6. That is just over a week! Sheesh! I need time to buy a new outfit. He pointed out that they haven't seen my fancy outfit yet since it is a new job. At least he didn't notice that I am way too fat for that outfit right now!
So this stupid grocery store strike has finally affected me. I could give a rat's ass if those strikers get what they want, but I have only crossed the picket line twice only because I tend to avoid confrontation when getting my ass kicked is a possible outcome. The first time was last week with my bad ass looking boss so I wasn't really worried and nothing much happened. The second time, this morning, was a little icky.

I signed up to bring brownies to our work potluck today. Of course, I forgot to buy brownies last night on the way home and no way in hell was I making any brownies. The only stores near my job are strike stores and richy rich stores, so I chose a richy strike store: Pavilions. I chose this one because previously I had seen only one or two strikers at a time there. When I pull up, I see half a dozen ladies outside. I get a little tiny bit nervous. They are all chatting happily, but as I approach, they all quit talking and turn to stare at me. Yikes! I don't make eye contact, but one of them says "Good morning" to me. I said it back and hurried in.

I looked all over the bakery section and even asked the guy behind the counter - no brownies. No. Freaking. Brownies. They did, however, have sugared brownie bites, so I bought two containers of those. As I left the store, none of the ladies said anything to me. Then I noticed one who looked like she was following me to my car. Eeee! Turns out another car had just pulled in with her striker friend in it and she was going to talk to him.

I know... a lot of drama for very little story. Happy Thanksgiving!
Goddamn Washington State Ferries website. All over it, it says that they are running on a holiday schedule on Thanksgiving. (I have to take a ferry to get to Ray's parents' house on Thanksgiving eek!) Yet NOWHERE on the damn site does it give you the holiday schedule. Asshats.

There is this one light on my way to brownies that I always hit red. ALWAYS... It actually turned green while I was stopped at it, BUT then when I got up to it - red. I ran it last night I was sick of that bullshit. (Ok it wasn't mostly red it was a little yellow then red...)

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Ugh... I didn't heat up my lunch enough so the rice is kind of... crunchy. It is not good and I'm too lazy to go all the way back downstairs to heat it for longer.

I listen to Launch all day at work... I hate that I sometimes will get like 10 REM songs in a row... I know that I rated them and I like them but c'mon really... throw me a fricken bone. AND They don't have some of the CD's by artists I like so I get the ones I don't like so much.
Why is this the first time in my life that I am experiencing the disgusting thing known as post nasal drip? Apparently this "cold" that I have is actually allergies causing fluid build-up in my ears which is leaking down the back of my throat causing this annoying cough. To cure it, I have to squirt something called Rhinocort up my nose.

Monday, November 24, 2003

Argh... Peeves of today...
1 - I hate it when I type in a website correctly actually and I get the MSN search feature and it says we couldn't find your website, did you mean to type in... but I was RIGHT dammit...
2 - I thought I had more but I guess I don't. :)

Saturday, November 22, 2003

This is from Friday, actually. People who raised my botheration level:
1- Inappropriate cell phone talker:
I am standing in the looong bank line, berating myself for not having deposited this check (Bonus check :) sooner, but now I need to make sure the money gets into the account today, so I have to stand in line and since it is Friday I can see many other people line holding paychecks. A white trash girl my age who is two people in line behind me makes a call on her cell phone. I give her the evil eye because she is talking so loudly I can't hear what the bank lady is shouting to us. Then I hear her say to someone, "I'll give you a rubdown." You will truly understand how grotesque this statement is if you imagine a greasy old man saying that to a young girl. Ew. She follows this up with, "A-rub-a-dub-dub." Even grosser. Then, of course, I have to listen to the conversation to find out what this grossness is all about. It seems that she is talking to someone who is either a patient in a hospital or visiting someone in a hospital. She signs off with, "I'll let you go for you own private sponge bath." INAPPROPRIATE BANK CONVERSATION!

2- Couple with young child:
Also in the bank is a couple with a cute two year old child waiting in customer service area. When said young child makes a break for the door, instead of getting up to go get him, the mom just yells at him to come back. Yells. In the bank. At a two year old. Yet, this is not the worst of it. As the bank line winds past the couple and the child, I smell the telltale stink of a shitty diaper. What the fuck! One of them could have taken that kid outside and either changed his diaper or just waited out there until the other was done. Seriously gross.
I just got a call from my nail place. They pushed my appointment back 15 minutes. I am not irritated by that as much as I am by the fact that I raced around trying to find the phone to answer it only to have that be the reason someone was calling.

Friday, November 21, 2003

I hate it when the recap from the last episode goes the night before the new episode. Come on! A whole week?
How hard is it to recap a show?? seriously twop... let's get the new recaps up! For some of us it is all we live for. (Oh wait that was sad wasn't it?) :)
I really don't like getting emails like the one below. I also don't like getting any that say anything like "Now you can send this email to eighty friends or you can suffer a painful death." I will always take my chances with the painful death. However, I will inflict this email on you here:

1. What time is it? 8:36 AM
2. Name as it appears on birth certificate: Michelle Lynn LeBlanc
4. Number of candles on your last birthday cake? 29
5. Pets: 1 whiny black dog who may or may not be taken to the pound at any second
6. Hair color: brown
7. Piercing: ears
9. Town you were born in: Aurora
8. Eye color: brown
10. Town you live in: Santa Clarita
11. Favorite foods: Presently? Echinacea and Zinc
12. Ever been to Africa: No
13. Been toilet papering: Yes
14. Love someone so much it made you cry? It wasn't the love causing the tears.
15. Been in a car accident? More than I can count at this point.
16. Croutons or bacon bits? Bacon bits
17. Favorite day of the week: Days off
18. Favorite restaurant: Rattlers
19. Favorite flower? Right now, Ranunculus
20. Favorite sport to watch? In person: hockey; On TV: none
21. Favorite drink? Pineapple juice or diet soda
22. Favorite ice cream flavor? Cold Stone's Cake Batter Ice Cream
23. Disney or Warner Bros? Eh
24. Favorite fast food restaurant? El Pollo Loco
25. What color is your bedroom carpet? Some sort of dark tan
26. How many times did you fail your driving test? Passed with 100%, of course
27. Before this one, from whom did you get your last e-mail from? Daily Dilbert
28. Which store would you choose to max out your credit card? Crate and Barrel
29. What do you do most often when you are bored? Read
31. Bedtime: 10 or 11
32. Who will respond to this Email the quickest? No one!
33. Who is the person you sent this to that is least likely to respond? Everyone!
34. Favorite TV shows? Friends, The O.C., Coupling
35. Last person you went out to dinner with? Bryan
36. Ford or Chevy? Whatever
37. What are you listening to right now? The housecleaners cleaning. (I knew I would be able to work it in.)
38. What is your favorite color? Red
39. What kind of music do you listen to? Whatever Launch is serving up.
40. Time you finished this Email? 8:43 AM

Thursday, November 20, 2003

Peeves on the air....

I called in to The Jamie & Danny Show on STAR 98.7 this morning because the topic was things that your S.O. says to you that drive you crazy. What follows is a recap of the conversation.

Jamie: We have Michelle. Hi, Michelle.

Me: Hi, guys. There are two things my husband says to me that drive me crazy. The first is when we are talking on the phone and he isn't really listening to me he just says, "That's cool. That's cool," no matter what I am saying, even if I am complaining about work or something.

Jamie: That's cool.

Me: Arrrrgh! I hate that!

Jamie and Danny: [laughter]

Me: Ok, the second thing is when I ask him what's for dinner or something like that, he says, "Why am I always the Kitchen Bitch?"

Jamie: I hate this guy already.

Me: So I am like, "Am I supposed to be the Kitchen Bitch? Get in the kitchen and make me some dinner, bitch."

Jamie: I see how it is.

Danny: You guys are cute. I want a cute relationship like that.

Me: It isn't a real fight, but I'm not making any dinner.

Jamie: So, you're just lazy?

Me: That might be it.

Jamie: [laughter] Ok, Michelle. That's cool. Thanks for the call.

Me: [half laugh] Bye.

Jamie: She hates us. I think we just drove her over the edge.

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

OH MY GOD! Another one!! Has being fat completely clouded my concept of sizes or have sizes just gotten so ridiculous that it is completely unbelievable? Case in point. I just went to our bookstore (who is having a sale today) to buy a shirt for my little niece who is 7. I was looking at these teeny tiny t-shirts thinking oh this is a small that's about right. Then I noticed the word "women's" on the tag. WTF?!! How is this a woman's small? I held it against a true child's small. Miraculously it was the same damn size. So I went with the cuter 'women's' small rather than the less cute little girl t-shirts they had. Crazy... that's all I can say...
AAAKKK!! Butt gasket (thanks to Jamie of Jamie and Danny for this word) people make me crazy! If you're so concerned with germs that you must use one, MAKE SURE IT FLUSHES!!! Don't leave it sitting there on the toilet seat. What makes YOU think I want to either touch it to push it down and make sure it flushes or sit on YOUR used butt gasket! Assholes.
Beeatch must have recently downloaded Yahoo Messenger because she is away from her desk and it is gunshotting and blinging its little heart out. Learn how to turn the fucking sounds off, bitch. I hate her and she is driving me to curse.
Have you heard of the movie "Bad Santa"? Well, it is a Miramax movies staring Billy Bob Thornton as a swearing, thieving, cheating, sex crazed Santa. According to the newspaper reports, execs at Disney are appalled by the entire thing. Well gee, didn't they see screeners of it before it got this far or even read the script, but I the parent company of Miramax, we have been receiving some complaint calls. So I decide to check with...let's call her Looney, up in the SVP's office to find out how to direct the calls. Knowing she isn't the brightest flame, I even explain that I know calls like this would normally be directed to Miramax since it is their film, but people want to talk to someone at Disney to complain about Miramax. She responds, send them to Miramax. Okay, did she not read anything of what I had just sent her, or is she really that stupid? I'll opt with her being that stupid.

Then my male boss this morning sends me part numbers for a new head set that he got from her. I ask her where she ordered the SVP's from, because I couldn't find it on Office Depot's website. She then asks me if it is for me or for him. Um, what does it matter? Maybe I seem inordinantly perturbed, but you just have to know her.

I got my hair cut yesterday. Three inches, and when you have short hair that makes a difference. My mom noticed immediately. Do you think Clayton ever did?
Agh! It was raining a lot this morning and I just discovered that my umbrella is beyond repair (and beyond use) so I was very wet when I got to work this morning...

When I got to work this morning there was a woman waiting for info. Info I don't have because I'm not my boss and I can't find the forms she wants and she just keeps hovering... I hate hovering! I finally had to send her away and say come back in an hour.

Monday, November 17, 2003

Why on earth would someone need me to update them twice within one hour on the status of a project. Mind you, this is a project for which I sent out a status update on Friday afternoon and on which I am currently (as in right up until I had to stop to post this peeve) working with my headphones on. DO NOT FUCKING BOTHER ME WHEN I HAVE MY HEADPHONES ON, ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE GOING TO ASK ME STUPID QUESTIONS!

Saturday, November 15, 2003

Ok another one of those mornings where I'm up at 6:00 AM on a Saturday! :(

I was doing laundry last night and the dryers buzzed while I was putting in my wash so I thought that was just perfect timing since the person who owned that laundry would have fetched it by the timeI came down to throw my laundry in the dryers. Not so apparently... Luckily they did appear after I had put one load in one dryer and who would it be?? My apartment manager. He is so useless... :(

Friday, November 14, 2003

Our helpdesk sucks... I do not like them.

I went this morning for a blood test but because the lab didn't know what the code was they couldn't do it. They kept calling my dr.'s office to get the code but they weren't there yet. So I gave up and left. It was taking TOO long. How hard would it've been to just draw the blood and figure out the rest later... ok ok logistically I know that they need to know how many of which tubes to take but still...

Thursday, November 13, 2003

My fake nails are too pointy. I am going to have to get him to round the corners next time. I am afraid that I am going to hurt myself.
Heather, I must say you are a better person than I am. If I were married (and perhaps that's the difference years of marriage vs. idealistic single person views) and my husband spent the day at home 'cleaning house' and managed to clean none of it but 1 room... I would be forced to kill him I think... :) Of course there is the obvious flaw in that I'm single so probably there's a reason for that. ;)
It is also surprisingly temperate in my office :P
IT HAS HIT 90 DEGREES IN THE OFFICE!!! Where's my beach towel and sunscreen??

It never makes me happy when people who have cool things brag about them (MICHELLE) :) (of course we know this is all jealousy)
I am fairly sure that if my husband said he wanted to stay home to clean the house he really meant that he wanted to stay home and play computer games all day. However, and I feel that I cannot brag about this enough, we have a house keeper so she cleans the house. YAY! I love her. If it came down to choosing between her and the husband...
I came to the horrible realization this morning that I will turn 31 next week. NEXT WEEK! I don't understand how I could possibly have been 30 for a whole year already. I think I will stop at 30. I don't want to venture into the "30 something" territory. I'll stay 30.
So I guess she is going to be really late for the meeting, eh?

My boss has to unexpectedly fly to Orlando (thank GOD!) and she had the opportunity to fly on the company plane with all the bigwigs. So I say, do you want me to see if I can get you a seat, or do you want to fly commercial, which is what I would recommend. She tells me to book commercial and she will check with my other boss to see what he thinks she should do. (She has this problem making her own decisions). She then talks to the PR person in charge of the whole event in Orlando who says she should try for the company plane. Fine, I think it's a mistake, but I work on getting her on the company plane. She sees me doing this. She hears me on the phone, she watches me send e-mail. Ten minutes later after talking to other boss she says, "Forget about the jet, I'll fly commercial". I give her a look. So now I have done all this work when I had plenty of other crap to do. What really pissed me off, is she acted like I hadn't even started pursuing the whole jet thing yet when she STOOD THERE AND WATCHED ME! Make up your own f-ing mind you douche bag! No wonder everyone thinks female execs are a bunch of ninnys.

And this is funny...but only slightly annoying. Hubby stays home yesterday because he feels like cleaning the house. That's right. I said he feels like cleaning the house. I had to contain myself from jumping up and down for joy when he brought it up. I tell him that would be wonderful. I talk to him yesterday afternoon and he says that he hasn't gotten done everything he would have like to. I commiserate with him and say that I usually don't get everything done that I would like either. I figure I'll get home and he would have cleaned the downstairs, or our room and Carson's room, something like that. I walk in with the kids, and the living room is a mess. I don't panic because I figure he cleaned upstairs. I walk into our bedroom...a mess. Okay, sit down for this one. He was home all day and he cleaned...the upstairs bathroom. That's right, the bathroom. And he still needs to do the toilet. Pardon me, but I was completely underwhelmed. But apparently, he does know where all the cleaning products are. :)
The primary attendee of a meeting I had scheduled for this morning left me a vm in which she said she might be late to my 10:30 meeting because another meeting was suddenly scheduled for this morning that she has to attend. My meeting is supposed to be from 10-11.
Happy Thursday Everyone!

So I was all excited about physical plant fixing the heater only to discover they hadn't actually done anything. Apparently my heater is attached to the bookstore's vents so the bookstore finally had shut off the heat. My little thermostat box (which I was SO proud of when I moved into this office) doesn't do anything but look cute on the wall. It was 85 degrees in here this morning. Luckily I'm dressed for it in a short sleeved shirt today. And it has cooled off quickish to a not comfy enough but not dying 78 degrees.

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

ahhh FINALLY physical plant has fixed the heater... the temp is slowly dropping. I may not die after all! :)

I hate it when I go to a website and get the 'too busy right now' error...
Arrrrgh! I hate it when I get something out of the vending machine, but it gets stuck so then I have to buy two. But I didn't have even money for two so I had to go bum 60 cents off of co-workers.
3.5 hrs and amazingly it is getting WARMER in here!! I really am going to die... I have the thermostat set to 50.

2 - THIS IS THE LONGEST DAY EVER!!! it isn't like I have anything exciting to do this evening but still can't it even be lunch time yet??!!
2 hours into the day and it is still over 80 in this office!! AND I'm wearing a sweater!! I may die of heat exposure!
boys. i hate them. i'm so joining a convent. heather don't let your husband teach your sons about the 3 day rule or any other asinine boy rules there are out there... :)

it was 86 degrees 86 degrees! when I walked into this office... do you have any idea how ridiculously hot 86 degrees is when one is dressed for the fact that it is 40 degrees outside??

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Cramps. (However, I did get a kick out of putting the empty bottle of generic "PMS Caplets" on my boss's desk. He knew it was me right away. Damn it.)
I have a list today and am feeling especially bitchy:

1) When you come in early just to watch your tape of Alias because you can't stay up late anymore because your kids get up so freaking early and your stupid ass boss comes in and mentions how the show really sucks and he wouldn't be surprised if it gets cancelled, all the while knowing it is your favorite show.

2) When your other boss makes you do all the dirty work because she doesn't have the balls to do it herself. It's your f-ing project, you call and tell them they are doing crappy work. You think they will listen to me?

3) When your co-worker who is trying to be nice, orders 15 snickers and 15 milky ways and puts them in your desk drawer. They are calling my name as I type. No, no, I can't hear you you little demons of weight gain!

4) When your husband who knows that you want to lose weight and knows that you think you are fat, comments on other women being fat. Insensitivity training 101 class is calling for sign ups hon.

5) When you go to transcribe a tape and you put on the new headphones you bought and the right ear doesn't work.
Beeatch: Riding in the car with her on a work field trip. Listening to her. Seeing her. I hate her.
Not getting a random holiday like Veteran's Day off.

Monday, November 10, 2003

ok so here go a few more...
1 - People who gripe because we haven't called them, when we have.
2 - People who turn in forms late... really people these were due last Wednesday. I never want to hear these professors gripe about students who don't turn in their stuff on time.
3 - The fact that MSN will not let me enlarge the font to express the great shock I have just felt from Michelle. :)

- To the veteran's day thing... gotta love Jesuit Universities... we get all sorts of random days off... of course I make 0 dollars, but who needs money when I can sit on my ass on a random Tuesday??
- Really 'chelle... QFC is a grocery store - quality food center (and just like mytee fine ice cream you know when they tell you in the title that it is good, it has to be good...)
Hate to tell you this, but periods...i think it might be closer to 30 more years of this. So if I continue to breast feed Spencer until he graduates from college, maybe I'll be close to menopause. I know, gross! :)
1--Lack of punctuality. When you make plans with someone, you should adhere to those plans and consider them to be plans and not merely suggestions.
2--Work. Really, 30-40 more years of this?
3--Money. Always. Check deposited on Saturday does not clear until midnight tonight so china cabinet purchased on Sunday is not paid for yet and received call from furniture store.... and on and on and on.
4--Beeatch. Could she please just die already? Of natural causes, of course. I do not condone violence, murder, or voo doo.
5--Glasses. I hate wearing them. I have to wear them instead of my contacts because my exam to see if I can get LASIK is on Wednesday.
6--Periods. Really, 20 more years of this?
By the way Joanne, I am officially banishing my knee to keep your ankle company. The damn thing is killing me for no reason.
My peeves today:

When someone says to me, "Heather, we need the four inch binders." Without exaggeration, she has told me this at least ten times, to which my response has been EVERY SINGLE TIME, "They do not make the binder that big boss likes in 4 inches." What, did she think the manufacturer had started making special 4 inch binders just for us in the two days since you last asked me dipshit.

Then she asks, "Where is Elke?" (My co-worker). She is so nosy, that I really wanted to say "She is in the bathroom taking a crap." I refrained. Don't you admire my restraint?
I don't get Veteran's Day off either. It's those damn (insert religious slur here) bastards I work for. I don't even get to go shopping because I am trying to be "good" and not spend money before we get the credit cards paid off.
I do NOT get Veteran's Day off. However, I did take advantage of Veteran's Day sales and got a head start on my Christmas shopping.

Is QFC a grocery store? I thought it was a liquor store or mini-mart.
1 - Why bother to give me an 800 number to call with my concerns, when they just tell me to call my local post office. Damn my mother and her 'confirm delivery' request... that was the whole point of going with the post office and not ups
2 - I have to CALL comcast to cancel my cable... why can't I do this online?
3 - I broke my phone cord this weekend (both ends finally) and bought a new one, who knew that my old one was 50' and now my 25' cord is too short. And for that matter who puts the only phone jack in an apartment right next to the front door with a long (long being relative) hallway to the living room.
4 - Yet another phone number to call in the quest to get this package full of crap I probably don't want. DUMBASSES! I requested redelivery on Saturday since I am at home... they redelivered today.
5 - boys boys and boy 3 day rules... what the hell is that about boys? Explain it to me.
6 - People in the 15 item or less self check out line at QFC (local grocery store) with a whole cartful... during grocery rush hours.
7 - Hangovers... not today yesterday... but still

On a happy golucky note... now that I have a job with vacation and holidays I get tomorrow off!!! WHEE!!!!

Friday, November 07, 2003

God I'm bodily whiney lately but I hate it when I go to bed with a headache and lucky me, wake up with the same headache...

Thursday, November 06, 2003

OK so presentation peeves -
1 - Don't just read from your power point slide. I can read.
2 - Don't use the same word multiple times in a statement... ie mission statement value statement (as a university we have a bunch of statements) it is redundent. Use a thesaurus dammit!
3 - When you're the presenter set your cell phone to vibrate or turn it off altogether. It is distracting
I think that's it... phew...
Spare the rod, spoil the ankle.
AAARRRGGGHH!!! I hate my body sometimes, it is like it has a mind of its own and is determined not to make me happy! So my ankle is swelling and painful for no apparent reason whatsoever. If it interferes with my plans this weekend I may have to just amputate... none of this namby pamby coddling until it heals on its own. :(

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Goddangit! My dang arms are breaking out in my little wheat blisters for no reason that I can fathom. :( >:@
I would have been a Senior Producer by now.
All this waiting and anticipation and rumor-mongering. Just RIF the people already and be done with it. Quit sending us these one-off organizational change announcements getting rid of two bigwigs at a time. Also, where the hell is my promotion?
Yuck... I hate waking up at 3:00 in the morning and being unable to get back to sleep so I was up until 4:30 then FINALLY fell back asleep.

Monday, November 03, 2003

Such a slow email day today. So difficult to get through the day. Not that I like meetings, but days with NO meetings just drag on and on.
1 - My nose is cold...
2 - My knees hurt (and not for any obscene reason)
3 - My job is kinda boring because I don't have enough work to do.
AAARRRGGGHHH!!! I hate waiting... (actually when did I become so impatient?? I used to be able to wait forever for stuff... now... I want it when I want it!)
AAAKKK!!! It is annoying enough that my mother sends me crap all the time that she has found at yardsales (don't even get me started it is now just easier to say 'yes send it' than to have to have 4 discussions about why said item is perfect for me and she can't understand why I don't want it) so... I have a whole hatred of UPS since they lost a package (I've had said hatred for them for even longer but... this was the final nail in the coffin) so I told my mother to send said crap via USPS so that since I wouldn't be home for delivery they would just leave it in the lobby. I come home on Sat afternoon to find a message on my vm from the downstairs door buzzer spot... I go downstairs to find a slip left in my mail box that USPS tried to deliver a package but couldn't so they will try again another day... DAMMIT! This is why I wanted USPS, they should've just left the box... So today I filled out a slip and HOPEFULLY they will just leave the box but I fear somehow they probably won't. DAMMIT!!! All this trouble for crap I don't want in the first place... At least it isn't a book on 5 min hair to combat my schlumpiness since now I'm employed... (see posting somewhere in February... :) )

Sunday, November 02, 2003

OMG!!! Is it a sign of the end of the universe when KFC is advertising its fried chicken as 'health food' since it has low carbs?? And isn't that fried coating a carb??

Saturday, November 01, 2003

OK so despite this morning being crappy because I got up at 6:30... :'( the rest of the day went pretty well! So not really a peeve or a botheration... Just painting and shopping! That's what makes a fabulous Saturday. (Of course now I'm pretty tired since I was up at 6:30 in the morning... whatever... :)
AAKKK!!! It is Saturday morning and for some random reason I woke up at 6:30!! I didn't want to be up! AND There's nothingon TV at 6:30 on a Saturday morning!! It is SO wrong to wake up that early!!