Friday, January 31, 2003

Not a peeve... mostly just a rage... so last night I'm working on my newly repaired computer and what just shuts down. No power... Not good considering I just got it back Wednesday... So this morning I call the repair guy who fixed it and he told me to take the battery out and try to boot up just using the AC adapter. Tried that didn't work. He asks me if I sent in the AC adapter when I sent the computer in. I say no since the instructions on YOUR website say don't send in the AC adapter. He then replies with if I had sent in the AC adapter they would've tested it and if it had been faulty they would've replaced it so now I need to replace it. Okay I say not realizing that AC adapters for laptops run about 100.00!!! You've got to be kidding me!! So now since I followed the instructions on THEIR website I am out 100 bucks to replace the AC adapter and if that isn't the problem... there will be a problem! GRRR... oh yes wait...I have to ORDER the AC adapter from somewhere they aren't just carried in stock most places so add that to my list...

Thursday, January 30, 2003

A true peeve (as opposed to many of my others which are just temporary gripes/complaints whines...)
Those damn cell phones that chirp every 4 min (or whatever) when there is a message waiting... what idiot came up with this idea??!! Like cell phones aren't annoying enough... or alternatively people with "toys" that don't know how to work them correctly because they are too busy to read the directions... (or maybe that is one in and of itself).
Today was earnings. So VP boss goes up to the board room to listen to the conference call in the presence of the CEO and President. Must be an ego thing. Any how, I digress. So he tells me to e-mail him all of the follow up calls. We got one. So I e-mailed it to him. He says, can you send that to other boss and have her handle? Okay. Then why did you want me to e-mail them to you? Is my annoyance coming through?

Call breaks, and he calls me from SVP's office and says, did we get any follow up calls, because none have been e-mailed to me. So I responded, that's because we haven't gotten any. Duh. Dumbass. Stupid dumbass. Jackass. Pain in the ass. GET OFF OF MY ASS!
Gee, where should I start? How about when one boss sends your other boss an e-mail telling her to tell you to do something. Um, hello? Couldn't you have just sent it to me, you dumbass.
Yikes no fun! Mine of the moment is being yelled at by a real estate office for not giving her a processor when my instructions are not to give any real estate offices to the processing department and then she made a big deal about how long I kept her on hold "on her cell phone while I complained about her"... whatever... bitch

Wednesday, January 29, 2003

Ok, so my old boss, who is technically no longer my boss is still assigning me stuff to do in the future, even though we haven't discussed transition yet.
I have access to the 7th circle.
I have discovered the 7th circle of hell and to get there you must be talented enough to work one of those little fake pen thingies that go to palm pilots! AAARRRGGGHHH!!! I don't have the dexterity to do this and it is driving me bananas! (entering in business contact info for one of the bosses that is...)

Tuesday, January 28, 2003

Here's one... My old boss (not the new boss from the new job, because I did end up taking it) scheduled a meeting from 12-1 and apologized but said to bring your own lunch, and I have a meeting from 1-3, so no lunch for me until 3 because I forgot to bring my own lunch.
I am peeved at myself. Whatever made me think I should cut my own hair? I should leave this job to a professional!
Ok I am bothered by the fact that since I have so much free time on my hands I have become this bothered/peeved person but here are todays:
1 - I hate it when people get on the bus then get off 2 stops later... c'mon it is 4 blocks! Walk it!!
2 - I hate it when I am at a cross walk (posted as a crosswalk so cars are supposed to stop) and 1 car out of 4 lanes stops... do I take my life into my own hands and attempt to cross or do I annoy the one driver who actually obeyed the law and wait until it is clear??
3 - I hate how the bagel I eat in the morning sucks all the spit out of my mouth making the last part of it so dry I want to choke..
4 - I hate it when the bus riders pull the stopper and they are waaaayyy in the back and they don't begin walking up to the front to get off until the bus actually stops when they could've begun their trek and not made the rest of us sit for so long...
when did I get so impatient??!! = )

Monday, January 27, 2003

I LOVE the sweater for other purposes... it is a good one to wear out because it makes my tits look HUGE! ; )

Ahh this morning -
1 - She has been a peeve before but she bugged me again last night... this panhandling chick who yells mean things at you when you don't give her any money when she is panhandling... She probably will be the one I will snap at when I finally snap about being panhandled all the time...
2 - Being hung over at work... Ok this is TOTALLY my fault and I will admit that, I had more to drink last night than I intended (not entirely my fault since boys kept buying me drinks... and I couldn't let them go to waste could I??) BUT maybe if I am freakily lucky some of this will pay off I was having a great time last night with this one gay boy who was joking about my being my husband who is a recruiter for Verizon and knows a lot of recruiters... theoretically he will be out again next Sun and I will get his card then... knock on formica...
3 - The fact that no matter what time I get up in the morning, I still seem to run late - I was up 20 min earlier than usual and still ended up combing my hair on the bus...
4 - Straight boys!!!! I think they are a constant... = )
That's it for now folks!!

Friday, January 24, 2003

Throw that sweater out!
I hate that!! Peeve of this instant!!! Fucking stupid computer place who didn't update my address when I told them the new one, but through some freak twist of luck they actually managed to return it to the correct address so I will be getting beloved computer back on Monday... but I just spent 15 min on the phone trying to figure out where it went and why it has taken so long!!!

one other - this sweater i'm wearing makes me self conscious because I think it makes my tits look HUGE but I was running late and didn't want to change because that would've involved changing pants too and I didn't have any others clean and I thought I could cope with the self consciousness of the sweater but I can't...
I got my pants dirty by 9:15 am! So now I have to go around with a black mark on my pants all day. The conference table in my morning meeting got black stuff on my knee. Grr...
This morning's minor peeves:
1 - I'm reading a book right now that some of it takes place in Seattle and as I read she turns onto Union to go to Broadway, but from the place the character is in the downtown area, Union wouldn't take you to Broadway because there is a big gap in Union around the park... Just a silly little thing I know but as I read it it bugged me...
2 - My stupidass bed (ok I love my bed) I was looking for something under the bed last night and had to move the mattress and when I did that all those stupid wooden slats fell off the frame on the one side (Michelle, you know what I'm talking about seeing as how your guest bedroom has the same bed)... then when I tried to put them back on they kept getting tangled and falling off... it was so frustrating and of course I'm doing this at like 11:30 at night so that just took the cake...

Thursday, January 23, 2003

Here's a bother... making difficult decisions. So I don't really want to work here much longer anyway, but now I have this potential opportunity to take another job within the company (discussing with potential new boss over lunch today). However, I am not sure which way to go only in regards to how it will look on my resume for future employers. Do I take the new job just becuase I hate my current job? Do I stay in my current job because it will look better on my resume? I guess I will know more after lunch, which brings up another peeve: waiting!
More of a question than a botheration... What was a straight, young, devout Christian doing in a gay bar?
The two most botherating phrases in the English language when hitting on a totally hot (read TOTALLY MY TYPE) straight boy last night...
"Devout Christian" (I could've coped with that on its own merits... I'm a pretty liberal kind of person...)
But here was the kiss of death phrase...
"22 years old" AAARRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!! So would've jumped him in a minute if it weren't for the fact that I would be a "dirty old woman"... But on a positive thing... it was fun to have a really cute STRAIGHT guy flirt with me... = )

Wednesday, January 22, 2003

This morning's peeve... probably the most tragic and bitter of my life right now... (ok probably not) My friend Troy who was only laid off in November has gotten a new job already! I am a tiny bit crushed... of course, when I put the proper spin on it it isn't too bad... he is in banking (and Michelle you know this) everyone in banking has worked together at some point in time. He got a job with a former boss (I think) at a different bank... but still!!

Tuesday, January 21, 2003

I am peeved/bothered by the fact that I am having one of THOSE mornings!!
1 - Missed bus
2 - Next bus is only 10 min later but it was running 15 min late... I was outside for 25 min...
3 - While waiting for 2nd bus ... bird pooped on me.
4 - 15 min late to work! >: O

Monday, January 20, 2003

Try this one out... >:(
Ok... so this one job that I interviewed for I was underqualified for (I knew that actually) so obviously I didn't get it, but I got a lovely letter saying my experience was impressive but they needed more blah blah blah... It didn't even seem like a form letter. So ok... not too traumatized by that one, BUT (and this is a big but) now they are looking for a benefits assistant... they couldn't call me up to see if I have interest in that one??!! Apparently not... (If I knew how to do an angry face emoticon with the little parantheses and colon and whatever there would be one right here!!)

Friday, January 17, 2003

BOREDOM!!!! I am sick of sitting here for HOURS with NOTHING to do!!!
Noisy sales trainers. I can't wait until next week when I get to switch cubes to get away from them.
Allergies. These high winds are killing me.

Thursday, January 16, 2003

DMV photos: I had a wonderful photo of me on my license before I got married. It was taken at my thinnest. I actually weighed the weight on my license when it was taken. I had to get a new photo when I changed my name after I got married. (Peeved, of course.) Now that I am getting my motorcycle license, I have to get my picture taken another time. (Even more peeved due to the fact that I forgot this and did not blow dry hair nice and put on make-up today.)
This morning's bother - I forgot to put deoderant on! I hate that!! BUT - on a HAPPY note!! My beloved computer will be coming back to me! Yippee!! They should be sending it out today or tomorrow! FINALLY!!!

Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Two words ... LOTUS NOTES... how stupid is a program that you can't print the email (Note?) from?? I have to Print Screen for each thing I want to print...
Mostly minor peeves this AM
1 - I am bothered by how infomercials at 1:00 or 2:00 AM (or when drunk) just make so much sense... how have I survived this long without a wide variety of these products???
2 - I am hungry...
3 - This is my own doing... I want to have an office with my own receptionist but I don't actually want to DO anything if I can help it... I am bothered by the fact that I CAN'T do that! (so technically not a peeve but maybe in that I am peeved for being unemployed still... and POOR)...

Tuesday, January 14, 2003

OMG!!! I was just "honeyed" twice! 500 gay boys in the bar can call me "honey" and I don't bat an eyelash. This boy at work... He may lose his vocal chords!!
Phew I feel better already! = )
Cramps! Oh my god, they are killing me. I can't even concentrate, so I couldn't work even if I wanted to.
Overly agitated person that I am... I am peeved/bothered/agitated by the computer geek who is fixing my beloved Jakob (Sony Vaio) - Fixing the same problem I had a year ago! Why is it broken again??!! grrr....
1 - Stupid office politics where because these salespeople don't want to return their calls I have to gatekeep. (without knowing that!) And them getting all pissy because I didn't know that and they got caught in a lie...
2 - People assuming I am stupid because I am a temp
3 - The 800 number I was given for my computer repair not working - just ringing and ringing and ringing...
4 - the morning bus driver being all bitchy at me every morning
(pretty much everything these days which proves my theory that people who are unemployed (or under-employed) have TOO much time on their hands and therefore can obsess about EVERYTHING trivial and inconsequential (including how to spell inconsequential))

Friday, January 10, 2003

Ok agreeing with Michelle's peeves about frostbite on the nose at work! Heat the damn office!!
Today's Peeves -
1 - Temp job I'm currently doing that has some kind of filter on the web pages so I can't check my yahoo email...
2 - Stupidass expedia who phone screened me months ago but since I didn't have enough peoplesoft experience, they wanted someone with that... BUT here it is 3 - 4 months LATER and they still haven't found anyone... they could've hired me and had me trained by now...

Wednesday, January 08, 2003

This peeve is entirely of my own making. I hate it when I email something to myself at Yahoo! from my work email address. Then, later, when I check my Yahoo! for new mail, I get excited only to find out that it was something dumb from myself. Talk about short term memory problems.

Tuesday, January 07, 2003

OMG! It is only 3:12 PM.

Monday, January 06, 2003

Peeves of today -
1 - My computer crashed over the weekend
2 - the fuckers who hold my warranty have an IVR
3 - The fuckers on the IVR who say for information on how to submit for warranty repairs please check our website - if I need warranty repairs doesn't it stand that I probably can't use the website??!!
4 - Not fucking hearing from the fucking job I want.
Ok I apologize for excessive use of the F word... I'm in a foul mood.

Friday, January 03, 2003

The bother of the moment - I hate sitting here impatiently waiting to find out if I am going to get this job that I interviewed for. I WANT IT!!!!!!!! Maybe if I throw myself on the floor and hold my breath and pound my fists I will get my way...
Peeve of the moment - It took me 3 THREE different web sites to finally find out how much the local movie theater costs to get in. How ridiculous!

Thursday, January 02, 2003

More job search botheration... I hate it when employers post a job on Monster or HotJobs and then make you go their web site and apply online. It is a pain in the ass to cut and paste all the information into their pre-defined fields and then you can't include a cover letter. Not that I think that writing cover letters is one of my strengths anyway.