Friday, February 28, 2003

Girls who should wear bras out in public but don't... This is especially bothersome at bars becuase they are thinking they look hot but don't...
Bicyclists who drive in the lanes with cars... I just want to scream at them "You're not a car! Get out of my way! You're slowing down traffic and cause more delay!!" (oh a little poetic one)
The fact you can smoke in public up here which is agitating the crap out of my ashtma.
The fact that I have obviously WAY too much time on my hands and can have so many peeves and bothers... = )

Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Pobrecita... this is why you should carry your lunch!! = )
Today's peeves.
This sweater the boy gave me is so incredibly itchy and now I know why he gave it away...
I had a terrible tummy ache this morning (of course that was self inflicted because I was very not sober last night)
Interviewing for a job that is 30 miles away but that probably won't pay enough but I'll take it out of desperation and have to take a second job... (of course the bitter/frustrated part of me assumes I won't get it anyway...)
I have no one to lunch with :(
Joanne come back!

Tuesday, February 25, 2003

This morning's peeves:
Going to bed with a headache and waking up with the same headache.
Feeling ill because I took headache medicine this morning on an almost empty stomach.
Bicycles in the driving lane (they aren't cars despite what they think)
People who say "Call at this time" and when you do you get their voice mail.

Monday, February 24, 2003

It is now 1:30ish and I have compulsively checked my voicemail 4 times this morning. I am bothered by this... I am also bothered by the fact that I have nothing to do at work so I can actually obsess all day... I am also bothered by the fact that I haven't heard anything yet and my natural pessimism is forcing me to believe that this means obviously that I didn't get the job and I will be crushed and spending the rest of my days as an alcoholic and will eventually end up a street person because I can't afford anything...
Good Luck, Joanne!
AAAGGGHHH!!! I am NOT going to be able to survive this day waiting to hear about the job I interviewed for on Friday... And it is ONLY 9:45 AM!!

Thursday, February 20, 2003

New catch phrase at work... "good stuff." It is irksome on the same scale as "think outside the box."

Wednesday, February 19, 2003

I hate it when you ask for something to get done in an email and the other person never even responds to it, not even to just tell you that they will get to it when they can. That forces me to follow up and if I don't get an answer this time, I am going to have to cc half the world on it, which I don't like to do.
Ok I was going to refrain from posting today since apparently I have a peeve/bother a day but... grrrr....
So I've been entering data into this database that is building a customer list and the big boss (whom I don't like too much or maybe I'm intimidated by him or whatever) calls me into his office and asks me who told me to do it. I stammer something before finally saying I asked his asst if I should and she was supportive of it. Basically the 1 job I have to do I now have to stop... yippee for me... back to NOTHING to do all day... so now I'm bored and depressed and hating this job more than ever...

Tuesday, February 18, 2003

My head (stupid one that it is) is going to explode in a fit of annoyance at all things technological and repaired recently...
1 - I go to the oil change place and the guy does my oil then says "You hear that growling sound" .. unfortunately yes I can hear that sound... he claims it is a sign that I need a new clutch!! AAAKKK I just got a new clutch in August!! So now I have to call to that car place and yell and find out if anything can be done about this... which of course it probably can't since I'm here and they're there...
2 - So last Saturday I speak to developmentally disabled Alonzo (ok hypothetically he isn't really retarded, but I'm starting to not believe that...) at my computer repair place about the fact that the adapter I have purchased did not alleviate the problem and he says ok I'm mailing you a call tag. It should be there in 2 days. We go over the fact that my address has CHANGED (this would be the 3rd such discussion)... A week goes by and I call again... they mailed it to the wrong address and it was returned to sender! Did you give us a new address he asks... This is the FOURTH time we've discussed it I reply... AAARRRGGGHHH Yet another new call tag is on its way... Maybe if I'm lucky I'll see it before I die of old age... but probably not.

Friday, February 14, 2003

Todays is big to me... I am SO sick of smug pseudointellectuals who have some idea that I am stupid. I actually had a person here say something to the effect of "you're still reading that, does your head hurt?" I was reading something on communist china online to try to get a history about a book I'm reading. This was after yesterday's comment of "What're you reading, stewardesses in love?" I am so annoyed by this. I looked at him and said "I'm not as stupid as you apparently think I am".. (Ok not the best come back and people who usually have to say things like I'm deep or I'm a nice person usually aren't, but still..) And he says "well you know since I've never seen you read a news paper or anything.." since when is reading a newspaper a sign of intelligence??!! AARRGGHHH!!! Now one might wonder why this is bothering me so much.. I think it's because I HATE being condescended to... grrrr....

Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Oh sucky for you!!
1 - Since I clear the faxes I am peeved by people who fax and don't put a cover sheet on so I have to decipher who to give it to through my amazing powers of deduction... (or random guessing or circular filing)
2 - The phrase "so when are they going to make you permanent"
3 - Boys
that's about it today... mostly minor ones...
Two hours to get to work this morning. Two hours! I obviously missed the 8:30 am meeting.

Tuesday, February 11, 2003

8:30 am meetings when 9:00 am is standard start time for employees in my department.
This should just be a general rule... men with beautiful accents should be beautiful to go with them!! = )

Monday, February 10, 2003

Monday morning peeves:
1 - it is ARCTIC in this building... I think there are icicles forming on my nose...
2 - I woke up over an hour before my alarm clock went off. It isn't like I went to bed early last night either... And I couldn't go back to sleep so now I feel very tired...
3 - I spent all afternoon yesterday with my hair in these curler things to experience an exercise in futility - pulled them out and my hair was straight within 1/2 hour.. except about 5 random bunches that were nelly olson curled... (god what boredom I endure)... = ) (I know I know I've got it easy I don't have a hubby or baby demanding my attention so I shouldn't gripe too much!) = )
4 - Despite awakening way before my alarm... still was randomly late to work. I think because I THOUGHT I had so much extra time I totally dawdled...
5 - Cute young boy was looking for me last night but didn't stick around long enough to find me (ok I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and assume that his friend was the reason they left....)
That's all for now folks... (Did I mention that it is ARCTIC in this office right now... I think I would be warmer outside....)

Friday, February 07, 2003


Thursday, February 06, 2003

Have acquiesced to the insanity.... have purchased new adapter. On the one hand I am hopeful that it works so I can be done with this whole mess... on the other the cranky side of me wants more justification for my wrath and I hope it doesn't work so I can call him back and go HA!
Old boss has scheduled a farewell (sort of) lunch today for me and invited the rest of my team. She just called me from her cell, presumably stuck in some meeting and said she has to reschedule for next week. What a nice sendoff.
AAAGGGHHH!!! for me this site is peeves bothers and utter rage... Finally get a call back from the techie who allegedly fixed my computer. Apparently the adapter isn't covered under my 3 year warranty. That's not what their website says but that's beside the point. And that when he and I last talked I said I was going to purchase a new adapter and let him know if that was still the problem. Doesn't answer my question of since the battery had charged, wouldn't it still work without the adapter since it is a laptop and doesn't have to be plugged in all the time?? I think my head is going to explode.
Whatever happened to decent customer service??!! I just got off the phone 1st with the less than nice operator/receptionist for the repair department where I'm having an issue with my computer repair... then I had to leave yet another message!! This is the 3rd one... BUT it was with the service manager so hopefully I can get some satisfaction. I told the receptionist that I sent my computer in and it still wasn't fixed and she said something to the effect of Well you can send it back... to which I replied No. I want it fixed here in Seattle... grrrggrrr... This ongoing computer saga actually has surpassed my employment saga in my mind!!!

Wednesday, February 05, 2003

Old boss (semi-officially still boss until Fri.) just scheduled a meeting from 6-6:30 tonight. Rude! Especially since this is the one day this week I have actually come in early, and I ony got 20 min. for lunch because she is making me give some stupid presentation this afternoon to the new VP of back office about the project that is only mine until Fri., and I don't even need to be at that stupid 6 pm meeting anyway. So glad to be moving on to new boss who gave nice pep talk in his staff meeting this morning.
Peeves... Friends who think that flirting with hot 22 year old who is obviously interested is the behavior of a dirty old lady. Duh! Go for it!
Today's bother... I'm bothered by 2 things that are just me... 1 - I'm indecisive and sometimes I hate that! I need to just make a decision dammit! 2 - I am feeling like a dirty old lady because I was heavily flirting with this 22 year old boy (see prior post about 2 fatal phrases) who asked if I was going to be out again this week and he'll see me there - he wants to cook me breakfast blah blah blah... can you have a mid life crisis at 28?? = ) Am I going INSANE?? = ) (I think we know the answer to that one already..)

Tuesday, February 04, 2003

When your boss decides you and your co-worker need to stagger your hours so that one of you is here until 6:00pm because apparently, he can't put one call on hold to pick up the other call. Give me a freaking break. In the eight months that you have been here, you have only had an issue one day because it got busy past 5:30pm so now we have to alter our schedules to think of you??? It's called a goddamn hold button you idiot!
Think about it more after you get an offer... but then still take the offer :)
Not a peeve or a bother really, more of a conundrum... I am interviewing (yea!) with a company who does aviation technologies primarily for the military. Being against violence and war in general, am I compromising my principles by potentially working for this company or am I a realist and desperate for work?? (On that note the bitter, jaded part of me thinks what difference does it make I'm not going to get this job anyway!!)

Monday, February 03, 2003

Peeve of this morning - job descriptions that say "For more information and a complete job description see our site at www.blah blah blah .com BUT when you go there... "There are no positions available at this time"!! AARRGGGHHH!! Either update your own damn website when you're posting or don't put that!