Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Vacation Peeves -

Technically these are peeves all the time but have been highlighted while I was on vacation this week...

1 - Random Stoppers. You know who these people are... you are walking behind them and bam suddenly they stop for no reason.
2 - Along with the random stoppers you have the Random Standers. They are randomly standing in the middle of the aisle or walkway or whatever. Ultimately they are In. The. Way.
3 - Random Zig Zaggers - These are the people who are weaving back and forth in front of you, forcing you to change direction or become a random stopper.
4 - Parents who do not attend to their children in public. I think this is an ongoing one from way back.
5 - Parents who berate their children unnecessarily or especially harshly in public... I get that sometimes you need to discipline your kids in public (hell, if they're out of line I'm all for it) however the following phrase when your daughter has done nothing wrong (as near as Michelle and I could tell) "Shut UP! Just Shut up! Just shut your mouth! God!" has no place in public. Actually, even if they had done something wrong... ok and even at home that exchange wouldn't have been good.

Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Punk ass bacon.

The 23 freeway is sometimes the most crowded part of my drive. Eight miles of stop and go right before I finally get to work. With Christmas this week, the 23 has been totally clear. Today was the clearest day of all. So, instead of letting us few who are working this week enjoy the novelty of driving 80 mph on the 23 in the morning, two CHP were stationed along the center divider, watching us. Bastards.

Tuesday, December 23, 2003

That could be it... I don't know. Which then brings the answer to the 2nd question... do I want to be a part of this? There too, I don't know. Having walked the fine line between that kind of depression and sanity, I know what it is like. I know how much it sucks. I'm drawn to him tho, in a way I don't totally get... AKKK! I hate this...

On a whole other note, I have blazed of gloried, but not with a boy I was dating. Once when I was in college, I was friends with this guy who had been going out with one of my friends but she broke up with him and he stalked her. Despite everyone's urging not to continue our (his and mine) friendship, I continued to talk to him but made it abundently clear I would not talk about my female friend in any way, shape or form. So I go to a hockey game with Kris (the girl), Kate and a couple of others and he is there... he knew I would be there altho I didn't tell him Kris was there. So I'm standing in line for concessions (even better a public blaze of glory) and he was like "hi friend" and I lit into him. In line at the concession in a perfectly rational tone, no yelling or swearing, I informed him that we obviously were not friends and he was just using me to get to Kris and I would never forgive him. Friends do not behave in this manner, that I was the one person who had stood by him through all of this and now I was done with him. That the others had been right all along. He deserved whatever trouble he got into and he was not a good person. Kris was right to break up with him because of how terrible he was. This went on for at least 5 min... while in line at the concession stand... with a ton of people staring at us. I was so enraged I was actually shaking. When I was done, he walked away all head down and I never spoke to him again. Altho I did see him some time later married to a girl who was like an ugly version of Kris. In retrospect... that was a totally nice blaze of glory.
If the yeti is not either depressed or bipolar, I will be extremely shocked. Based on some of his past posts, I think he is likely so totally depressed he can't get up the motivation to do anything.

As I am fond of asking, "Do you really want to be a part of this?"

As I am also fond of saying, "Seriously, what the fuck?"
I don't know that I have enough wrath to go out in a true blaze of glory as one really should... Perhaps by the 1st or 2nd I will... however a mini-BOG will happen if I don't hear from him after the holidays. I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt right now because holidays blah blah blah... but once they're done... no more benefit...
That's right. Go out in a blaze of glory. That is how all things should end.
It has now been a week and three days since last heard from Yeti. Emailed him on Sat nice cheery merry Christmas email. Fighting all temptation to write the following... WTF! If this is how you treat chicks you like it is no wonder you are a virgin! Ahhh... that felt good just to get it off my chest. :) After Christmas is done, will be completely unable to resist that urge...
The belt from these new jeans is poking into my belly.
I wait in the long line at Starbucks this morning to finally get a Caramel Apple Cider. I had tried to get one a couple weeks ago but they were out of apple cider and I have been thinking about it ever since. When I get back out to my car I see that a large black SUV has parked so close to my car that I can barely get in. I open my door really hard to hit their car and I get into mine. It is too cramped so, in the process, my drink slams against my car, popping the lid off and splashing about 1/3 of the venti all over me and my car. Mostly me. Mostly right on my pants.

Of course, I am livid. I throw the rest of my stuff in the car and I go back into Starbucks. I ask loudly who drives the black Denali. No one answers. I ask a couple more times, again with no response. The counter person who served me asks if she can help me, so I tell her what happened, more because I am pissed than out of any belief that she can actually help me.

I go back outside and I look at the other shops. No other shop is open, so I know that person is in Starbucks. Did I mention that it is lightly raining? Anyway, I glance back and forth between my apple cider and the windshield of the Denali for a few moments before I splash my apple cider over as much of the windshield as I can cover. I leave the steaming cup on the hood and get in my car and drive away.

I drove to Lane Bryant and bought a new pair of jeans and a shirt for $42.

Monday, December 22, 2003

Morons! I hate morons! So yesterday I discovered that my Alaska Cache card for my Northern Schools Federal Credit Union account has expired. I don't recall getting a new one. So today I call and get this guy on the phone and said that my card has expired and I don't think I've received the new one. He was like "Did you request a new one?" And I said "One would think that since this one expired last month, I wouldn't have to request a new one, one would just come in the mail." I'm now on hold. I would like to point out at this moment, I am on hold on a long distance call since they don't have an 800 number for those outside the state of Alaska. Ok so apparently since my account has been inactive for a year, (and they've been deducting 5.00 from my account each month that it has been inactive over a year), this does not warrant me a new Alaskan Option card and I have to reapply for one. Asshats. It would've been easier just to open a new damn account at a credit union here. Of course now that I've done all this, I'm not going to want to try something new. AND since I have money going into this account on Wednesday, this is what has precipitated this whole misdadventure.

On another wholly unrelated note, I forgot that I could've gone to training at 2:30 instead of the mind numbing massive boredom I've experienced this afternoon.
I can't stand it when I can hear someone chewing. Especially if it is as they are walking past my cube. Wtf are you eating so loudly that I can hear it from my desk?
Ok so your mom is so not my mom... yet... but she is on the slippery slope. She is just feeling the empty nest thing and being unemployed gives her plenty of time to obsess... trust me I know about this. :)

I think convo should've ended after line 1... but that's just me.

Not enough work to do this holiday week. I may go crazy counting down the minutes until CA.
Let's play a game. You tell me at what point this conversation should have ended:

1- Person A is asking person B for advice about something. B gives the advice and makes nice for a minute and then heads for the door of person A's office.
2- B is stopped at the door by person C who stopped by to ask a question. B answers C while exiting the office.
3- C leaves and B goes back to B's own cubicle.
4- A exits A's office and traps B in B's cubicle, continuing to talk to B about the original item needing advice.
5- B reads email while A talks.
6- B asks A to repeat something because clearly B was attempting to do something else to not become involved in conversation.
7- A finally goes back into A's office.
8- B signs in to blog.

Sunday, December 21, 2003

I hate men. I'm just joining a fucking convent.

Friday, December 19, 2003

Re: Me getting on radio shows...
It takes me an hour or more to get to work. I have all the time in the world to wait, on hold, until they can take my call. Also, since I am funny, I like to see if I can make Jamie and Danny laugh without ridiculing me. The psychic was on a different radio station and she was crap. Nowhere near the caliber of the psychic Jamie and Danny get on their show, but I can't get through when that guy is on.
Fucking moron! For the most part, I love my boss, but he can be such a freaking child sometimes. For instance, he sprayed fart spray in someone's office as a joke. Ha. Fucking. Ha. Now our whole area smells like sewer. Merry fucking Christmas.
Damn... I hate it when random people get me Christmas gifts (ok not random, but not people I was anticipating buying a gift for) so now I feel compelled to get her one... at least I know ahead of time that one is forthcoming and not just surprised... but still!
Firstly, I'm fascinated that you always manage to get on the air for these shows! Secondly... how ridiculous. She sees changes happening already... of course there were! It is an internet company, only a moron wouldn't think that changes have happened (or will be happening). Obviously you survived the layoff so that's positive... such charlatans.
The Catalina Street Psychic...
was on the radio today, and she was taking callers.

CSP: This is Sandy. What is your question?

Me: Hi, this is Michelle. Are there going to be any changes in my job this year and will it affect my husband's and my plans to have a baby?

CSP: I see a lot of people around you. What are you doing?

Me: Um, driving to work?

CSP: (laughs) What do you do for work?

Me: Oh, I'm in- I work for an internet company.

CSP: There are already changes happening. What is going on there?

Me: Well, we had a big layoff recently.

CSP: These changes are going to affect you positively. This layoff... the changes from it will be positive. There will be some restructuring and it will affect your job- your job detail, but it will be good for you.

Me: Ok.

CSP: As for having a baby, you guys are on track.

Me: Ok, thanks.

Thursday, December 18, 2003

Holy Christ! I am really starting to not like this lady at work... co-worker #1 from a recent post. She is such a freaking gabber! Not everyone wants to hear everything that you are thinking at the exact moment you are thinking it. Not everyone needs you to ask them ten times a day how they are doing. Not everyone wants to know everything going on in your life. And, get out of my fucking cube! I scavenged that slidy wall from RIF'd co-worker for a reason: to keep people like you out. And you are not as funny as you think you are. And if there is a funny conversation going on, you don't always have to be in on the action. And if there is a teeny tiny chance that someone might have taken the smallest bit of offence at something you said, please don't apologize a hundred times for it, continuing to apologize after they say it is ok and start to walk away from you. And I so need vacation to start right now and not next week.
Ok minor in the peeves world, but there was this chick at the gym with huge tits and she was running and NOT wearing a sports bra... c'mon honey control all that jiggle jaggle... I thought she was going to give herself a black eye!
I hate when I am on a web site and I clicked a link or a button and I am just waiting and waiting and waiting for the next page to load. I know it involves a middle tier call. I know it is so going to time out, but I need the next page. I am being held hostage. All I want is movie tickets.

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

I am so fucking mindnumbingly bored!!! >:O >:O >:O
So many things today:
1- Girl who cannot not walk like a normal person but must clomp along like some sort of hobbled gorilla.
2- Fucking FREEZING
3- That sitting in a cubicle, as opposed to an office, is like an open invitation for people to bother me.
4- A co-worker who is on a THREE WEEK vacation just emailed the rest of us from an internet cafe in Barbados basically saying, ha ha, you suck.
5- I so don't want to be at work today.
6- One week to vacay. It seems so far away.
ok Eeeww... let me just say that. :)

Launch has changed their format for the little window that the music plays in. I don't like the new format I think.

Monday, December 15, 2003

I don't understand how someone can clog up the toilets at work. I just had to wipe like six or seven times (no exaggeration) and one flush cleared up the whole mess. Wtf are these people doing that makes it so that two, three, four flushes doesn't get rid of it? Seriously, what?
Why, why, why? My company is so disorganized. My boss thought the company wouldn't be having any sort of holiday celebration since we hadn't heard anything about it as of a few weeks ago. So we have this big team shindig last week, complete with turkey dinner and gift exchange (the crazy stealing kind). That same week, we finally saw an email about company holiday party (in the office) and cookie contest. As if that wasn't enough, my department is having a potluck and gift exchange the day after the company holiday party. This is just too much.

Sunday, December 14, 2003

UGH! I swear I give the woman one request... mail the Christmas presents to Michelle in California. WHERE does she send them? To my work address. I knew there was a reason I didn't ever give her that address... Dammit... ONE INSTRUCTION.

Thursday, December 11, 2003

UGH! Goddamn car donation place... I have YET to hear from them and keep having to pay to keep Beloved Ben in the school parking lot... CALL ME ALREADY!! Fuckers... It has been the requisite 10 business days!

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Seriously. Regarding co-worker #1 below. It isn't just live conversations. She is like that with IM conversations as well. I close her IM window and it just keeps popping back up. Let it end already!

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Two co-workers who are friends:
1- She is very, very nice, but she doesn't take "end the conversation" cues well, so she just keeps talking and talking and you can't pull out of the convo without possibly hurting her feelings. I usually escape by making a joke and exiting on the laugh.
2- The other one is forever overanalyzing office politics and not in a very smart way, as in I think her analysis is usually incorrect. It makes me either want to block her IMs or beat her about the head with a blunt object.
An open message to all those with offices near my cube:
Please don't stand outside of your office (and oustide of my cubicle) and have a fucking conversation when you can easily STEP INSIDE YOUR FUCKING OFFICE AND SHUT THE DOOR. Or, and this is just a suggestion, STEP INSIDE THE FUCKING OFFICE NEXT DOOR WHOSE OCCUPANT YOU ARE SPEAKING TO OUTSIDE OF MY CUBICLE. And, if it isn't too much of an inconvenience, perhaps you could refrain from leaning on my cubicle and shaking the walls which are attached to the desktop and cause my monitor to tremble. I do acknowledge that a portion of the trembling could be caused by the anger radiating from my body. Thanks.
I hate it when I leave the diet Coke can on my desk when it is empty instead of throwing it immediately in the trash (recycle), because then I see it a few minutes later and forget that it is empty and try to take a drink. Alas, no diet Coke.

Monday, December 08, 2003

Oh one more...
Last night American Express called me regarding my account. Apparently it was past due, which was odd since I paid it online the day after Thanksgiving. Apparently the online transaction didn't go through and I didn't write down the confirmation number like the idiot I am. Okay fine, whatever, but did the lady have to be so bitchy about it, as though I'm a common deadbeat? In all the years I have had the card (3 - 4) I have never once missed or been late on a payment, so on this one suddenly I'm a slacker?? She kept saying that this is a courtesy phone call and as a courtesy since I've been a good customer before she's taking off the 35.00 charge but the tone was like "deadbeat." I did not appreciate that.
Ugh, I have been entering employees' new benefit information forever it feels like, and my biggest peeve right now is that some people have this privacy code on their records. This is a problem for me because whenever I enter it clicks up with the warning that I have to hit enter to get out of then can do part of my entry then the next screen with the warning and on and on. It totally screws up my flow.
Grr... I hate that I haven't heard from the car donation people at all yet and so I keep having to pay for parking here at the university.

I also hate that I had a bad time sleeping last night and woke up at like 3:00 and didn't fall back to sleep until 4:30.

Friday, December 05, 2003

I hate it when someone calls right as I'm shutting down and I'm stupid enough to answer and then have to open back up the databases I just closed.
hee... Hottie Asshat
So I just discovered that this hot Noah Wylie looking guy that I see in our public safety office is none other than the asshat that NEVER responds to my emails. Now I'm torn... I hate him because he NEVER responds to my email questions, but he is so cute! Just proves what hotties can get away with.
Wow. You were up late last night. I could've called you after I got offline...

My current peeve - riding the bus when it is rainy. All the homeless and vagarents ride it around because it is warm and dry. The library has the same issue. Luckily, a nice woman at my meeting gave me a ride home.

Thursday, December 04, 2003

Patience, my friend. You will have good mail in 1-2 days.
Hee hee hee -

I have one - I hate it that now that it is the holidays the companies who send me stuff have upped the amount of crap they send (really, I don't mind the once a month flier or ad from Petco and Barnes and Noble etc) suddenly I'm getting them like 1 - 2 times per week! And of course I get all excited that there's mail and it is just CRAP! :(
It is hard to have peeves when the beeatch just got laid off. Oh, what a day.
Cold, gummy hash browns. Sigh. I should have eaten them first.

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Ooh one more - Famous people who are famous for stupid reason - ie Paris Hilton. (I know I've had this one before but she is all over the news again)
1 - Being without cable.
2 - Not hearing from the Yeti lately.
3 - That it is only 9:30 and all I can think to do is go to bed.
4 - Stress headaches.
5 - Cleaning.
6 - Being without cable.
7 - Car issues
9 - did I mention being without cable? :) such an addiction...

Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Have I mentioned at all how much I hate the beeatch at work? She just got back from her smoke and now we have a team meeting. In a conference room. With the door shut. Beeatch.
One more - The goddamn bookstore plays its music so loudly sometimes that it overpowers mine (playing right at these little speakers in front of me).

One more beyond that one... TWOP still has not put up my recaps for the two shows I watch on Monday and these are from LAST Monday. I realize that we are out of sweeps and now back into rerunland, but still! (Oh yeah and I hate rerunland)
Arrrggghhh! Such a morning. I couldn't sleep at 4:30 so I got up and watched some TV and got sucked into this show (which I've probably seen before but hey at 4:30 I'm not that focused). I watched TV until 6 and went back into my room to lie down. Big mistake! I woke up late and had to rush through my shower and still left way late but made it to work by 8:06 so that isn't too bad. But now I'm all tired and my eyeballs are all scratchy.

AND I haven't heard from the yeti lately (ok I just emailed him yesterday asking him to dinner but still) AND he has not updated his site so I don't know what's on his mind... hmmm. :(

Monday, December 01, 2003

Gosh... it is such a bother when your friend brags that she is done Christmas shopping already... ALREADY??!! I can barely cope with the fact that it is December.
If another board member resigns, do you think they will ask me to be on the board?
You know you are having a bad hair day when your two year old looks at you and says, "What your hair doing?"
Ack! That sucks! Poor you! I hate that I had to change my password this morning. I can't ever remember what the new password is and will spend the next week forgetting.
Someone stole the little change container out of my desk over the weekend.